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very early in the morning / in the wee hours
early morning
  *晨* | 晨* | *晨
morning / dawn / daybreak
morning stars
(of the) morning
first rays of morning sun / first glimmer of dawn
early morning / CL: 個|个
this morning
morning newspaper / (in a newspaper's name) Morning Post
morning and twilight / day and night
(Anglican) matins / (Catholic) lauds
morning exercise
make your day's plan early in the morning (idiom) / early morning is the golden time of the day
lit. morning bell, evening drum, symbolizing monastic practice (idiom); fig. encouragement to study or progress
morning dew
morning chorus (birdsong)
China Business Morning Post (morning edition of China Business News 華商報|华商报)
rare as morning stars (idiom) / few and far between / sparse
Beijing Morning Post, www.morningpost.com.cn
morning erection
female chicken crows at daybreak (idiom); a woman usurps authority / women meddle in politics / The female wears the trousers.
frosty morning
towards dawn
lit. evening drum, morning bell (idiom); fig. Buddhist monastic practice / the passage of time in a disciplined existence
morning and evening visits to parents / cf 昏定晨省
seeing to bed in the evening and visiting in the morning (ancient filial duty)
Good has its reward and evil has its recompense. The payback is just a matter of time

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