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rest / to rest
information / news / message
news / information / CL: 條|条
interest (on a loan) / CL: 筆|笔
to choke / to stifle / to suffocate
HSK 7-9
closely bound up (idiom); intimately related
HSK 7-9
breath / smell / odor / flavor
HSK 7-9
prolonged (applause, cheering etc)
HSK 7-9
(of wind etc) to subside; to die down / to quell; to smooth over (a dispute etc) / to suppress (a rebellion etc)
HSK 7-9
to gasp for breath / to take a breather
HSK 7-9
to strive unremittingly / self-improvement
HSK 7-9
future prospects / profit / to mature / to grow up
HSK 7-9
the stream flows without stopping (idiom); unending flow
HSK 7-9
interest rate
to work and rest
to raise interest rates
information; news; message / text message; SMS
information technology; IT
principal and interest (on a loan)
to rest; to go to sleep / to rest in peace / Parthia (ancient country in central Asia)
Reference News (PRC limited-distribution daily newspaper)
(medicine) polyp
information science
  *息* | 息* | *息
breath / news / interest (on an investment or loan) / to cease / to stop / to rest / Taiwan pr. [xi2]
hold one's breath
to calm down / to quell one's anger
in an instant a myriad changes (idiom); rapid substantial change
to tolerate is to nurture an evildoer (idiom); spare the rod and spoil the child
to sigh; to gasp (in admiration)
Styrax officinalis or Styrax benzoin / benzoin resin (used in TCM) / Benzoinum
continually / without a break / ceaselessly
lobby / lounge
to have a rest / to stay for the night / to go to bed / to sleep
lit. to get up at sunrise and work until sunset (proverb) / fig. to lead a plain and hardworking life
annual interest
(of a bird) to perch / (of creatures in general) to inhabit / to dwell
well-informed source; person with inside information
information theory
wordless and uncommunicative (idiom); without speaking / taciturn / not providing any news
to rely on others for the air one breathes (idiom); to depend on sb's whim for one's living
daily schedule / daily routine
a lull (in the storm) / brief break (in rain)
quietly / noiselessly
interest (from an investment, esp. an endowment)
daily interest on a loan
in the wink of an eye / in a flash
to yield interest, profit etc / to exhale (Buddhism)
to recover / to recuperate
Xifeng county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳, Guizhou
to divulge secrets
to keep the peace; to patch up a quarrel (idiom)
Xi county in Xinyang 信陽|信阳, Henan
to grow and multiply without end
(literary) to rest / to recuperate
variable with the times / transient / impermanent
(literary) to put down one's burden / to rest / to stay (at an inn etc)
to settle a dispute
to discount the interest on a bill of exchange
error message (computing)
dying / at one's last gasp
hearsay / gossip
in a flash / twinkling / ephemeral
to cease / to end
genetic information
to stop / to cease
to have only a breath of life (idiom)
excessively tolerant / to overindulge (sb) / overly conciliatory / to seek appeasement at any price
to inhabit / to live (in a habitat)
lit. lay down the flag and still the drums (idiom); fig. to cease / to give in
Stand at ease! (military) / Taiwan pr. [shao1 xi2]
Xifeng county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳, Guizhou
income (Hong Kong)
informatization (the Information Age analog of industrialization)
to lower interest rates
information system
Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, Hong Kong
China Defense Science and Technology Information Center (CDSTIC)
daily schedule / work schedule
information age
information management
(Internet) echo chamber / filter bubble
information and communication technology, ICT
insider information
shared lounge; common room
interest rate

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