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movie / film / CL: , , , 場|场
influence / effect / to influence / to affect (usually adversely) / to disturb / CL:
shadow / reflection / (fig.) hint / indication / influence / CL: 個|个
to take a joint photo / group photo
cinema / movie theater
  *影* | 影* | *影
picture / image / film / movie / photograph / reflection / shadow / trace
film / movie / CL:
recorded media (CD and DVD) / sound and movies
to project / a projection
inverted image / reversed image (e.g. upside down)
movies and television
to take a photograph / photography / to shoot (a movie)
paper-cut silhouette / outline / sketch
rear view / figure seen from behind / view of the back (of a person or object)
film enthusiast / movie fan / CL: 個|个
shadow; umbra
photographic reproduction / photocopying / photo-offset
influence / impact
(male) superstar of the silver screen; best actor award winner
(lit. and fig.) shadow
to videotape / to videorecord
photo album / CL: / (TV) series
photographer / cameraman
camera / movie camera
phantom (esp. of Western fantasy)
shadow / darkness / twilight
eye shadow (cosmetics)
movie queen; best actress award winner
face (esp. remembered) / mental image of sb
film review
cinema / movie theater / CL: ,
beautiful image of a woman
to refer obliquely to / to insinuate / innuendo
film festival / photography exhibition
videotape (Tw) / CL: 盤|盘
to take a photo as a souvenir / a souvenir photo
image processing
trace / vestige / presence
illusion (Buddhism) / pipe dream
miniature version of sth / microcosm / epitome / (Tw) to microfilm
slide used in a presentation (Tw)
film studio / television studio
film festival / CL: 屆|届
lit. froth and shadows / fig. illusion / mirage
cinema ticket
camcorder / video recorder / videocassette recorder (Tw) / CL: 臺|台
phantom / mirage
as the shadow follows the body (idiom) / closely associated with each other / to follow relentlessly
(fig.) specter
variant of 影像
moviedom / the world of movies / film circles
to make a movie
photocopier (Tw)
lit. set up a pole and see the shadow (idiom); fig. instant effect / quick results
to disappear without trace (idiom)
moviedom / the world of movies / film circles
inseparable (as form and shadow)
to fix a photographic image
spirit wall (screen wall used to shield an entrance in traditional Chinese architecture)
flickering light and passing shadows (idiom) / blurred scenery / cursory / superficial
a photocopy
developer (photographic processing) / contrast medium (medical imaging)
lit. to see a bow reflected in a cup as a snake (idiom); fig. unnecessary suspicions / overly fearful
DVD player
erhua variant of 背影
to attack someone by innuendo (idiom) / to make oblique charges / to make insinuations / to insinuate
shadow play
lit. chasing the wind and clutching at shadows (idiom); fig. groundless accusations / to act on hearsay evidence
cinema / movie theater
profile / silhouette
rear view / figure seen from behind / view of the back (of a person or object)
Paramount Pictures (US movie company)
(idiom) lonely soul; solitary
silhouette / figure
wide-screen movie
trace / sign
to come to nothing (idiom)
line of project / projection line
plane of projection (in perspective drawing)
lit. looking at one's shadow and feeling sorry for oneself (idiom) / fig. alone and dejected
to come to nothing (idiom)
to make movies / to be a movie actor (or actress)
Naruto, manga and anime series
wedding photos (done in studio, kit and caboodle taken care of by the studio)
projection (geometry) / projective
photo of a (married) couple
orthogonal projection
(poetic depiction of plum blossom)
to hide from public view / to conceal one's identity / to lay low
lit. body and shadow follow each other (idiom) / fig. inseparable
shadow cabinet
pinhole camera (for espionage, voyeurism etc)
lit. a lonely body with only a shadow for company / to be all alone (idiom)

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