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quiet / peaceful / calm
safe / secure / safety / security
to arrange / to plan / to set up / arrangements / plans
to install / to erect / to fix / to mount / installation
safe and sound / well / without mishap / quiet and safe / at peace
to comfort / to console / CL: 個|个
unpeaceful / unstable / uneasy / disturbed / restless / worried
peaceful / tranquil / calm / composed / free from worry
to find a place for / to help settle down / to arrange for / to get into bed / placement
law and order / public security
public security bureau (government office similar in function to a police station)
  *安* | 安* | *安
surname An
  *安* | 安* | *安
content / calm / still / quiet / safe / secure / in good health / to find a place for / to install / to fix / to fit / to bring (a charge against sb) / to pacify / to harbor (good intentions) / security / safety / peace / ampere
at ease / to feel relieved / to set one's mind at rest / to keep one's mind on sth
security / safety
after-school program (Tw)
Da'an or Ta'an district of Taipei City 臺北市|台北市, Taiwan / Da'an district of Zigong city 自貢市|自贡市, Sichuan / Ta'an township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县, Taiwan
Da'an or Ta'an district of Taipei City 臺北市|台北市, Taiwan / Ta'an township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县, Taiwan / Da'an county level city in Baicheng 白城, Jilin
to ensure public security / to ensure safety (for workers engaged in production) / public security / security guard
Yong'an county level city in Sanming 三明, Fujian / Yong'an or Yung'an township in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan
national security (abbr. for 國家安全|国家安全) / national security act / state security agency
information security (Tw) / abbr. for 資訊安全|资讯安全
Good morning!
Android (operating system for mobile devices)
Anping county in Hengshui 衡水, Hebei / Anping district of Tainan City 臺南市|台南市, Taiwan
Anna (name)
Chang'an (ancient name of Xi'an 西安) capital of China during Tang Dynasty 唐朝 / now 長安區|长安区, a district of Xi'an
Anhui Province (Anhwei) in south central China, abbr. , capital Hefei 合肥
seat belt / safety belt
Annam (Tang Dynasty protectorate located in what is now northern Vietnam) / Annam (autonomous kingdom located in what is now northern Vietnam, 10th-15th century) / Annam (central part of Vietnam during the French colonial period) / old name for Vietnam / Annan district of Tainan City 臺南市|台南市, Taiwan / Kofi Annan (1938-2018), UN secretary-general 1997-2006
Good night! / Good evening!
Xi'an, sub-provincial city and capital of Shaanxi 陝西省|陕西省 in northwest China / see 西安區|西安区
Anting township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
stable / quiet / settled / stabilize / maintain / stabilized / calm and orderly
Tai'an city prefecture level city in Shandong / Tai'an township in Miaoli county 苗栗縣|苗栗县, northwest Taiwan
Annan district of Tainan City 臺南市|台南市, Taiwan
Anning District of Lanzhou City 蘭州市|兰州市, Gansu / Anning City, to the west of Kunming 昆明, Yunnan
Annie (name)
Wan'an county in Ji'an 吉安, Jiangxi
completely secure / a sure thing / rest assured
to placate / to pacify / to appease
at peace / healthy and secure
Fu'an county level city in Ningde 寧德|宁德, Fujian
Ankang prefecture-level city in Shaanxi
good health
Anle district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan
peace and happiness
(Ministry of) Public Security / public safety / public security
national security
Xing'an county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi / Hinggan league, a prefecture level subdivision of Inner Mongolia / Xing'an district of Hegang city 鶴崗|鹤岗, Heilongjiang
Anju district of Suining city 遂寧市|遂宁市, Sichuan
to settle down / to live peacefully
sense of security
reign name (196-219) at the end of the Han dynasty
Ji'an prefecture-level city in Jiangxi / also Ji'an County / Ji'an or Chi'an township in Hualien County 花蓮縣|花莲县, east Taiwan
Rui'an county level city in Wenzhou 溫州|温州, Zhejiang
De'an county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
Anthony (name)
Longan district of Anyang city 安陽市|安阳市, Henan
Anping district of Tainan City 臺南市|台南市, Taiwan
Ji'an or Chi'an township in Hualien County 花蓮縣|花莲县, east Taiwan
safety check
smooth and steady
safe period / safe days of a woman's menstrual cycle (low risk of conception)
base hit (baseball)
safety feature / security measure
Ang Li (1954-), Taiwanese-American film director (films include Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 臥虎藏龍|卧虎藏龙 and Brokeback Mountain 斷背山|断背山)
Tong'an district of Xiamen city 廈門市|厦门市 (Amoy), Fujian
encore (loanword)
to foster / to provide care (esp. for the elderly)
Anda county level city in Suihua 綏化|绥化, Heilongjiang
Andrew (name)
Allianz, German financial service company
safety net
Bei'an county level city in Heihe 黑河, Heilongjiang
Anshun prefecture-level city in Guizhou 貴州|贵州
Bao'an district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong
to calm (soothe) the nerves / to relieve uneasiness of body and mind
Anqing prefecture-level city in Anhui
Dongan county in Yongzhou 永州, Hunan / Dong'an district of Mudanjiang city 牡丹江市, Heilongjiang
safely / peacefully / at a rest
aviation safety (Tw)
Andre (person name)
Tiananmen Gate, entrance of the Imperial City in Beijing
Nong'an county in Changchun 長春|长春, Jilin
economic security
Amway (brand)
to recommend (a product etc) / to promote
Xin'an county in Luoyang 洛陽|洛阳, Henan
Giant Manufacturing, Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer
Good afternoon! / Hello (daytime greeting)
Abe (Japanese surname)
PRC Ministry of State Security
Nan'an county level city in Quanzhou 泉州, Fujian
Bao'an district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong

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