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  *堂* | 堂* | *堂
(main) hall / large room for a specific purpose / CL: 間|间 / relationship between cousins etc on the paternal side of a family / of the same clan / classifier for classes, lectures etc / classifier for sets of furniture
paradise / heaven
dining hall / CL: 個|个, 間|间
college / school (old)
lecture hall / CL: , 間|间
church / chapel / CL: 間|间
classroom / CL: 間|间
assembly hall / auditorium / CL: , 處|处
palace / hall / temple buildings
Shiseidō (Japanese cosmetics company)
meeting hall / assembly hall
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei
public baths
everyone present applauds / universal acclaim / a standing ovation / to bring the house down
chapel / church (Protestant)
item (in a program of entertainments) / trick (act of mischief) / worthwhile result / accomplishment / sth significant but not immediately apparent / sth more than meets the eye
to live under the same roof (of different generations)
mourning hall / funeral hall
grand / magnificent / stately / majestic appearance
whole audience / a sellout (capacity audience) / jam-packed
variant of 唐花
dining hall / canteen / cafeteria
memorial hall / mausoleum
to get together all at once
success across the board / victory in everything one touches
scripture hall (Buddhism)
lit. gold and jade fill the hall (idiom) / fig. abundant wealth / abundance of knowledge
Jintang county in Chengdu 成都, Sichuan
Church of Our Lady / Frauenkirche
the Great Hall of the People in Beijing
(of houses etc) sumptuous (idiom)
displaying strength and discipline / impressive / upright and frank / square
ancestral hall / memorial hall
older female patrilineal cousin
younger female patrilineal cousin
to die / to enter the hall of heaven
younger male patrilineal cousin
to gather happily under one roof
lit. to beat the return drum (idiom) / fig. to give up / to turn tail
(dialect) alley / lane
the whole room roaring with laughter (idiom)
overt / to make no secret (of one's presence) / grandiose / with great scope
central room of a traditional Chinese house
to appear in court for trial (old) / (of Buddhist monks) to have a meal together in the temple hall
older male patrilineal cousin
high-sounding / dignified / pompous (idiom)
meditation room (in Buddhist monastery)
Parish of Our Lady of Fatima (Macau) / Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima
St Anthony Parish (Macau) / Freguesia de Santo António
from the main room, enter the inner chamber (idiom) / to go to the next level / to attain a higher level
imposing / grand
bright / clear
ritual kneeling to heaven and earth by bride and groom in a old-fashioned wedding ceremony / same as 拜天地
dining hall in a Buddhist temple
Tongrentang, Chinese pharmaceutical company (TCM)
mourning hall / a hall for a birthday celebration
synagogue / Jewish temple
law court / hall (in castle) / CL:
heaven on Earth / nickname for the city Suzhou
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
to congregate in one hall (idiom); to gather under one roof
to stay behind (after class) / to be given detention / detention
room to meet guests / parlor
(honorific) your mother
quiz (student assessment)
to open a law court / to set up a mourning hall
Buddhist nunnery
to make a name for oneself
Don Quixote
Notes on a Minutely Observed Thatched Hut by Ji Yun 紀昀|纪昀, novel of the supernatural / The Thatched Study of Close Scrutiny
customer area of a store / showroom / dining area of a restaurant
very bright / well-lit
waiter (old)
father's brother's sons / paternal male cousin
imperial ancestral temple / imperial court / temple
main hall / honorific for one's parents (old)
(honorific) your mother
Jintang county in Chengdu 成都, Sichuan
lit. not fit for elegant hall (of artwork) / not presentable / coarse / unrefined
courtyard in front of a palace
mother (honorific designation)
wife of older male cousin via male line
Huairen Hall or Huairentang, a building inside Zhongnanhai 中南海, used as the main meeting place of the Politburo of the CCP
lit. don't sit under the eaves (where tiles may fall from the roof) (idiom); fig. keep out of danger
to make it / to be somebody
father's brother's daughters / paternal female cousin
three generations under one roof
to drag out a lesson / to insist on extending class after the bell
(old) waiter / attendant
Du Fu's Thatched Cottage (park and museum in Chengdu)
(honorific) your parents
remote relatives (with the same family name)
lit. there is heaven above, and there is 蘇杭|苏杭 below (idiom) / fig. the beauty and affluence of Suzhou and Hangzhou is comparable with heaven

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