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  *土* | 土* | *土
earth / dust / clay / local / indigenous / crude opium / unsophisticated / one of the eight categories of ancient musical instruments 八音
land / soil / territory / CL: , 塊|块
potato (CL:個|个) / (Tw) peanut (CL:顆|颗)
one's native country / native / local / metropolitan territory
HSK 7-9
country's territory / national land
HSK 7-9
earth; soil; mud; clay
HSK 7-9
HSK 7-9
HSK 7-9
HSK 7-9
to dig up / to appear in an excavation / unearthed / to come up out of the ground
HSK 7-9
locally born and bred / indigenous / home-grown
HSK 7-9
natural conditions and social customs of a place / local conditions
Turkmen / (Tw, HK) Turkmenistan
cubic meter of earth (unit of measurement) / excavated soil / earthwork (abbr. for 土方工程) / (TCM) folk remedy
Turkish (language)
Tuku town in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
Saturn (planet)
native / aborigine / clay figure
to plow (loosen the soil)
Rutog county in Ngari prefecture, Tibet, Tibetan: Ru thog rdzong
Tucheng city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
fertile land
local specialty
to break ground / to start digging / to plough / to break through the ground (of seedling) / fig. the start of a building project
lit. to return in a swirl of dust (idiom) / fig. to regroup and come back even stronger / to make a comeback
Tucheng city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
to guard one's territory / to protect the country
kaolin (clay) / china clay
unsophisticated / rustic / uncouth
sliced bread (loanword from "toast") / government-appointed hereditary tribal headman in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties
(Buddhism) Pure Land, usually refers to Amitabha Buddha's Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss (Sukhavati in Sanskrit)
rustic / uncouth / unsophisticated
Tuku town in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
Tumed left banner, Mongolian Tümed züün khoshuu, in Hohhot 呼和浩特, Inner Mongolia
free-range chicken
building / construction / civil engineering
local tyrant / local strong man / (slang) nouveau riche
to break ground (prior to building sth) / to start building
Tujia ethnic group of Hunan
country bumpkin / boor / unsophisticated country person (humble, applied to oneself) / burial mound
(Tw) debris flow / mudslide
native soil / one's native land / one's hometown / local (to an area)
mound / hillock / barrow
Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County in Chongqing 重慶|重庆
Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County in Chongqing 重慶|重庆
soil conservation
earth God
aardwolf (Proteles cristatus), a small insectivorous relative of the hyena
waste soil (excavation waste, contaminated soil etc) / (post-apocalyptic) wasteland
reinforced concrete
  *土* | 土* | *土
Tu (ethnic group) / surname Tu
civil engineering
Loess Plateau of northwest China
Xiushan Tujia and Miao Autonomous County in Chongqing 重慶|重庆
Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County in southeastern Chongqing 重慶|重庆
red soil / laterite
Tudi Gong, the local tutelary god (in Chinese folk religion)
produced locally / local product (with distinctive native features)
local conditions and customs (idiom)
potter's clay / kaolin
head and face filthy with grime (idiom) / covered in dirt / dejected and depressed
heaven and earth (idiom)
the East / China
lit. piling up dirt eventually creates a mountain (idiom) / fig. success is the cumulation of lots of small actions
to localize / localization
mound / hillock
(neologism c. 2015) (slang) (used jokingly) to live on dirt (typically because one has spent all one's money on consumer items)
combining native and foreign methods (idiom); sophisticated and many-sided
native dog / mole cricket (colloquial word for agricultural pest Gryllotalpa 螻蛄|蝼蛄)
homeland / hot piece of real estate
to heap earth (to close a tomb) / a mound (covering a tomb)
to carry out large scale construction
lit. to squander money like dirt (idiom) / fig. to spend money like water / extravagant
loess (yellow sandy soil typical of north China)
ground beetle / (coll.) professional or entrepreneur who, unlike a 海歸|海归, has never studied overseas / (dialect) country bumpkin
alkaline soil
pedology (soil study)
territorial integrity
Datong Hui and Tu autonomous county in Xining 西寧|西宁, Qinghai
buried and at rest (idiom); Resquiescat in pacem (RIP)
land reform
mashed potato
rare earth element (chemistry)
temperature of the soil
alkaline earth (i.e. beryllium Be 鈹|铍, magnesium Mg 鎂|镁, calcium Ca 鈣|钙, strontium Sr 鍶|锶, barium Ba 鋇|钡 and radium Ra 鐳|镭)
Toulon (city in France)
local tyrant
local bosses, shady gentry (idiom); dominant local mafia
humus (topsoil of decayed vegetation)
dialect / patois
ashen-faced (idiom)

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