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  *十* | 十* | *十
ten / 10
very / completely / utterly / extremely / absolutely / hundred percent / to divide into ten equal parts
ample / complete / hundred percent / a pure shade (of some color)
October / tenth month (of the lunar year)
twelve / 12
December / twelfth month (of the lunar year)
eighteen / 18
November / eleventh month (of the lunar year)
fifteen / 15
more than ten / a dozen or more
PRC National Day (October 1st)
eleven / 11
twenty / 20
thirteen / 13
thirty / 30
cross road / cross-shaped / crucifix / the character ten
sixteen / 16
fourteen / 14
hundred thousand
nineteen / 19
forty / 40
seventeen / 17
sixty / 60
seventy / 70
crossroads / intersection
eighty / 80
ten items / decathlon (athletics)
tenfold / ten times (sth)
20th century
cross / crucifix / yoke one has to endure
the twelve constellations on the ecliptic plane / the signs of the zodiac
the tens place (or column) in the decimal system
several billion
twelve divisions of the day of early Chinese and Babylonian timekeeping and astronomy
the 24 solar terms, calculated from the position of the sun on the ecliptic, that divide the year into 24 equal periods
Sixteen Kingdoms of Five non-Han people (ruling most of China 304-439) / also written 五胡十六國|五胡十六国
perfect / complete
The Thirty-Six Stratagems, a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and in civil interaction / all the possible schemes and stratagems
thirty years old and therefore independent (idiom, from Confucius)
Red Cross
thirteenth day of a month
one billion / giga-
last day of the lunar year / Chinese New Year's Eve
in one's seventies (age) / very old (of people)
complete and beautiful / to be perfect (idiom)
one tenth
decimal system
21st century
news pass quickly from mouth to mouth (idiom) / an infectious disease spreads quickly (old meaning)
12-yard (sports) / penalty kick
most urgent / posthaste / express
Shanghai Y-10 / Yun-10 commercial jet aircraft
ten commandments
over 20
to put one's palms together (in prayer or greeting)
bright and multicolored / of rich variety / (fig.) dazzling / glitzy
crusaders / army of crusaders / the Crusades
more than ten / a dozen or more
most likely / mostly (in 8 or 9 cases out of 10) / vast majority
ten months or so / about ten months
Shiyan prefecture level city in Hubei
Ambush from Ten Sides (pipa solo piece) / House of Flying Daggers (2004 movie by Zhang Yimou 張藝謀|张艺谋)
Hong Kong Red Cross
the Crusades / crusaders' eastern expedition
Five Dynasties (907-960) and Ten Kingdoms (902-979), period of political turmoil in ancient China
Chinese poker
to have no need to fend for oneself (idiom) / to lead a pampered life
the seventies / the 1970s
the sixties / the 1960s
lit. a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood (idiom) / fig. a young woman is very different from the little girl she once was
the ten Heavenly Stems , , , , , , , , , (used cyclically in the calendar and as ordinal number like Roman I, II, III)
lit. count by fives and tens (idiom); to narrate systematically and in full detail
adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
most likely / mostly (in 8 or 9 cases out of 10) / vast majority
light-years (apart) / a million miles (apart) / (i.e. indicates a huge difference or a huge distance)
pretty close / very near / about right
the 12 earthly branches , , , , , , , , , , , (used cyclically in the calendar and as ordinal numbers)
wicked beyond redemption (idiom) / heinous
26 years old
lit. for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long (idiom) / fig. revenge is a dish best served cold
lit. in gambling, nine times out of ten you lose (idiom) / fig. gambling is a mug's game
the Shanghai of old, with its foreign settlements / (fig.) a bustling, cosmopolitan city
The Sutra in Forty-two Sections Spoken by the Buddha, the first Chinese Buddhist text, translated in 67 by Kasyapa-Matanga 迦葉摩騰 and Gobharana 竺法蘭 (Dharmaraksha)

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