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  *勒* | 勒* | *勒
to rein in / to compel / to force / to carve / to engrave / (literary) to command / to lead / bridle / (physics) abbr. for 勒克斯, lux
  *勒* | 勒* | *勒
to strap tightly / to bind
mule shoes (loanword)
Taylor (name)
to draw the outline of / to outline / to sketch / to delineate contours of / to give a brief account of
to order / to force
Kaliningrad, town on Baltic now in Russian republic / formerly Königsberg, capital of East Prussia
Mandalay, province and second city of Myanmar (Burma)
to blackmail / to extort
to strangle or throttle to death
St Helena
Mahler (name) / Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), Austrian composer
Mile county in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan / Maitreya, the future Bodhisattva, to come after Shakyamuni Buddha
Napoli, capital of Campania region of Italy / Naples
Maitreya / the Bodhisattva that will be the next to come after Shakyamuni Buddha
Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)
(onom.) laughing sound / glug-glug haha!
sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum)
to guide a horse with the reins / to rein in a horse
Cyprus (Tw)
Korla Shehiri, Korla or Ku'erle City, capital of Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州, Xinjiang
Bucharest, capital of Romania
to force sb to give up (a drug) / to enforce abstinence / to break drug dependence
Leningrad, name of Russian city Saint Petersburg 聖彼得堡|圣彼得堡 1923-1991
Roger Federer (1981-), Swiss tennis star
Maitreya Bodhisattva
extortion and blackmail (idiom)
ransomware (computing)
Grenoble (French town)
Palermo, Italy
to strangle
to tighten
Saint Helena
Schiller (name) / Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller or Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805), German poet and dramatist
lit. to rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice (idiom) / fig. to act in the nick of time
Salem, capital of Oregon / Salem, city in Massachusets / Salem, city in India
Stalingrad, former name of Volvograd 伏爾加格勒|伏尔加格勒 (1925-1961)
Zagreb, capital of Croatia 克羅地亞|克罗地亚
thaler or taler (currency of various Germanic countries in 15th-19th centuries) (loanword)
Belgrade, capital of Serbia (Tw)
Jean-Marie Le Pen (1928-), French Front National extreme right-wing politician
Altay prefecture-level city in Xinjiang
Christian Johann Doppler, Austrian physicist who discovered the Doppler effect
Pretoria, capital of South Africa
Xilin Gol league, a prefecture level subdivision of Inner Mongolia
Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), German astronomer and formulator of Kepler's laws of planetary motion
Shule ancient name for modern Kashgar / Shule county in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang
kidnapping for ransom
Helen Keller (1880-1968), famous American deaf-blind author and activist (whose story is told in biopic The Miracle Worker)
Korla Shehiri, Korla or Ku'erle City, capital of Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州
Shi Le, founder of Later Zhao of the Sixteen Kingdoms 後趙|后赵 (319-350)
Bielefeld (city in Germany)
to tighten one's belt / to live more frugally
to throttle / to strangle
Volgograd, Russian city on the Volga River 伏爾加河|伏尔加河
lux (unit of illuminance) (loanword)
Gilles (name)
Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995), French philosopher
(slang) shoot! / crap!
Altay prefecture in Xinjiang
Jules Verne (1828-1905), French novelist specializing in science fiction and adventure stories
Örebro (city in Sweden)
Zwolle (Netherlands)
variant of 多普勒
Debrecen, Hungary's second city, capital of Hajdú-Bihar county 豪伊杜·比豪爾州|豪伊杜·比豪尔州 in east Hungary on the border with Romania
Battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943), decisive battle of Second World War and one of the bloodiest battles in history, when the Germans failed to take Stalingrad, were then trapped and destroyed by Soviet forces
Petrograd, variant spelling of 彼得堡, Saint Petersburg
Chira County in Hotan Prefecture 和田地區|和田地区, Xinjiang
to strangle
Valletta, capital of Malta (Tw)
Shule county in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
Nilka county or Nilqa nahiyisi in Ili Kazakh autonomous prefecture 伊犁哈薩克自治州|伊犁哈萨克自治州, Xinjiang
Cordillera, series of mountain ranges stretching from Patagonia in South America through to Alaska and Aleutian Islands
Chira County in Hotan Prefecture 和田地區|和田地区, Xinjiang
Lillehammer (city in Norway)
Caribbean Sea
Mile county in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan
Keller or Köhler (name) / Horst Köhler (1943-), German economist and CDU politician, head of the IMF 2000-2004, president of Germany 2004-2010
Perez (son of Judah)
Kaliningrad Oblast
Huolin Gol county level city in Tongliao 通遼|通辽, Inner Mongolia
Flores, Indonesia / also written 弗洛里斯島|弗洛里斯岛
to coerce / to force / to press sb into doing sth
becquerel (unit of radioactivity, symbol Bq) / abbr. to 貝克|贝克
Øresund / The Sound (strait between Denmark and Sweden)
Le Havre (French town)
wagon (yoked to beast of burden)
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
the Doppler effect
Marcus Aurelius (121-180), Roman Emperor
Palestinian National Authority
Kingdom of Naples (1282-1860)

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