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  *傾* | 傾* | *傾
to overturn / to collapse / to lean / to tend / to incline / to pour out
trend / tendency / orientation
to listen attentively
to incline / to lean / to slant / to slope / to tilt
dip / angle of dip (inclination of a geological plane down from horizontal) / tilt (inclination of ship from vertical)
coming from everywhere / from all over the place / gorgeous (of woman) / to ruin and overturn the state
to lean forward
tendency / inclination / orientation
to dump (goods, products)
inclination (from the horizontal or vertical) / slope / obliquity
to incline to / to prefer / to be prone to
to pour down in torrents
to topple over / to greatly admire
to dump / to pour / to empty out
to say everything (that is on one's mind)
to lose a family fortune (idiom)
a downpour / rain bucketing down / fig. to be overwhelmed (with work or things to study)
lit. capable of causing the downfall of a city or state (idiom) / fig. (of a woman) devastatingly beautiful / also written 傾城傾國|倾城倾国
to admire wholeheartedly / to fall in love with
to capsize / to collapse / to overturn / to overthrow / to undermine
love at first sight
to pour out (emotions) / to unburden oneself (of strong feelings) / to vomit comprehensively
conflict / internal strife / dissension
a landslide
to collapse / to topple / to capsize
to prick up one's ear / to listen attentively
to ruin a family / to lose a fortune
to cascade down / to flow in torrents / (fig.) outpouring (of emotions)
to do all one can / to give all one has
to empty one's pocket / to give everything to help sb
to have a good talk
lit. the whole nest came out (to fight us) / a turnout in full force (of a gang of villains)
great mansion on the verge of collapse (idiom); hopeless situation
to adore / to admire greatly
lit. capable of causing the downfall of a city or state (idiom) / fig. (of a woman) devastatingly beautiful
the whole nest came out (idiom); to turn out in full strength
a downpour / rain bucketing down
left-leaning / progressive
to admire
to lean to one side / slanting
to throw into
to overturn / to topple / to tip
to tip / to dump by tipping from a vehicle
in danger of collapse / in a parlous state / (of person) treacherous
right-wing / reactionary / conservative / (PRC) rightist deviation
to meet in passing / to get on well at first meeting
harmful trend
to admire
to prick up one's ear and listen carefully
to admire / to adore
to frame (an innocent person) / to collapse
to pour out one's heart (idiom)
to admire greatly
to listen attentively
to turn out in force ready to attack (idiom)
to pour out (emotions) / to pour one's heart out / to say everything that is on one's mind
leftist opportunism (blamed for failures of Chinese communists from 1927) / left adventurism / cf Mao's purges following 1935 Zunyi conference 遵義會議|遵义会议
to exhaust all one has / to leave no stone unturned / to try one's best
to watch and listen attentively
to pour out one's heart

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