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to reduce / to lower / to bring down
  *低* | 低* | *低
low / beneath / to lower (one's head) / to let droop / to hang down / to incline
to belittle / to disparage / to play down / to demean / to degrade / to devalue
low price
low temperature
to go down / to decline
to bow the head / to yield / to give in
to underestimate / to underrate
to lower / to reduce
low cost / inexpensive
low income
(attributive) low-carbon / low-carb (diet)
low pitch / quiet (voice) / subdued / low-key / low-profile
in a low voice / softly
low tide / low ebb
low pressure / low voltage
height / altitude (aviation) / pitch (music) / ups and downs (success or failure) / whether sth is right or wrong / comparative strength, weight, depth, stature / (spoken interjection) anyway, whatever / eventually, in the end
overcast / gloomy / downcast / deep and low (of sound) / muffled
low and unhurried (voice etc) / low and gently sloping (terrain)
to lower (one's voice)
low pressure / depression (meteorology)
low marks / low score
low-cut (dress) / plunging (neckline)
valley / trough (as opposed to peaks) / fig. low point / lowest ebb / nadir of one's fortunes
to droop / to hang low
low-grade / of low worth or rank / poor quality / inferior
lowest point / minimum (point)
meager (wages) / humble (social status) / feeble (voice)
hypoglycemia (medicine)
to be on the low side / to be inadequate (e.g. of a salary)
low-paid workers in industries that offer jobs for the unskilled / derogatory-sounding abbr. for 低端產業從業人口|低端产业从业人口
smartphone addicts
low fat
low blood pressure
low interest loan
low status / lowly / to lower (one's head)
low-gluten flour / cake flour / pastry flour / soft flour
short / low
inferior quality / substandard / low-grade
low level
low level
downcast / gloomy / to decline
retarded child / moron / idiot
blurred (landscape etc) / low (spirits) / in a slump (economy)
to reduce interest rates
to chant softly / to murmur
uneven bars (gymnastics)
low level / rudimentary / vulgar / low / inferior
low-top (shoes)
low consumption (energy, fuel etc)
too low
low-dimensional (math.)
hilly (geography)
cheap / inexpensive / low
vulgar / poor taste
low-pressure zone / depression (meteorology)
a low fever (up to 38°C)
low cost
docile / submissive
alternately soaring and plunging
to have high standards but little ability / to be fastidious but incompetent (idiom)
lit. low tide / fig. the lowest point (e.g. of a relationship)
a low fever (up to 38°C)
darkness fell (falls, had fallen etc)
low interest
oligomer (chemistry)
incapable / incompetent / stupid / mentally deficient
amused by even the weakest joke / ready to laugh at the smallest thing
to lower / to be humble
(idiom) (of people in a small town etc) to cross paths regularly
lowest voice / lowest pitch / lowest note
low altitude
double bass / contrabass
mental retardation
high and low / uneven (in height) / uneven (of ground)
in a whisper / in a low voice (idiom)
to just scrape through with a narrow pass (in an exam)
the sky hangs low over the Yangtze, empty as far as the eye can see (idiom); nothing to see to the broad horizon
low yield
ups and down / rise and fall
low speed
man seeks his way up just as water seeks its way down (idiom) / one should constantly strive to make progress
vulgar style (used of items to be censored)
to sink / to settle
lower animal / primitive life-form
subsistence allowance / welfare (abbr. for 城市居民最低生活保障)
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