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to discard / to abandon
  *丟* | 丟* | *丟
to lose / to put aside / to throw
to lose / lost
to discard in the wrong place (cigarette butts etc) / to leave one's things lying around
to lose / to throw away / to discard / to cast away
to lose face / humiliation
to lose
to abandon
to wander off / to get lost
to lose face
(computing) packet loss / to lose a packet
to make an exhibition of oneself / to be a disgrace
to cast or put aside / to forget for a while
to die
to lose face
(of an official) to lose one's job
to lose (face) utterly
to lose one's job
to be distracted
to wash one's hands of sth / to have nothing further to do with sth
to let go of the big prize while grabbing at trifles (idiom)
to lose face
forgetful / empty-headed
sour / acrid / (of a person) embittered
discard eligible (Frame Relay) / DE
lit. to lose one's black hat / to be sacked from an official post
gloomy and dull (idiom) / boring and gray / unpleasantly murky
to wink at sb
to wink at sb
lose a wheel, tear at the gun (idiom); flustered and confused in a panic

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