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bathroom / toilet / WC / CL: 間|间
bathroom (room used for bathing) / CL: 間|间
HSK 7-9
to share the use of; to have joint use of / communal (bathroom); shared (antenna) / to use, in total, ...
toilet / washroom / bathroom / lavatory / CL: 間|间
to faint in the bathroom (from heat)
floor mat; bathroom mat; car mat; doormat
(Tw) apartment (with shared bathroom and kitchen) / bedsit
bathroom infrared heater, marketed as "bath master"
women's bathroom (abbr. for 女衛生間|女卫生间)
to go to the bathroom
bathroom fittings (washbasin, bathtub, toilet etc)
(coll.) to go pee / to go to the bathroom
sanitary (related to toilet and bathroom) / bathroom
the boring part of something (film, show, etc.) where a bathroom break can be taken
kitchens and bathrooms
bathroom sink / wash basin
bathroom sink / wash basin
bathroom / restroom / shower room / CL: 間|间
bathroom cabinet
men's bathroom (abbr. for 男衛生間|男卫生间)
toilet paper / bathroom tissue

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