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  *家* | 家* | *家
home / family / (polite) my (sister, uncle etc) / classifier for families or businesses / refers to the philosophical schools of pre-Han China / noun suffix for a specialist in some activity, such as a musician or revolutionary, corresponding to English -ist, -er, -ary or -ian / CL: 個|个
  *大* | 大* | *大
big; large; great / older (than another person) / eldest (as in 大姐) / greatly; freely; fully / (dialect) father / (dialect) uncle (father's brother)
father's younger brother / uncle / Taiwan pr. [shu2 shu5] / CL: 個|个
mother's brother / maternal uncle (informal) / CL: 個|个
  *叔* | 叔* | *叔
uncle / father's younger brother / husband's younger brother / Taiwan pr. [shu2]
greatly / enormously / (dialect) dad / uncle
  *岳* | 岳* | *岳
wife's parents and paternal uncles
  *舅* | 舅* | *舅
maternal uncle
  *伯* | 伯* | *伯
father's elder brother / senior / paternal elder uncle / eldest of brothers / respectful form of address / Count, third of five orders of nobility 五等爵位
father's elder brother / uncle
eldest of father's younger brothers / uncle (term used to address a man about the age of one's father)
(coll.) father's older brother / uncle / term of respect for older man
father's younger brother / uncle
uncle (polite form of address for older male)
(coll.) aunt / maternal uncle's wife
son-in-law (used by wife's family) / uncle (husband of father's sister)
father's sister's husband; husband of paternal aunt; uncle
great uncle / grandfather's younger brother / husband's father's younger brother
mother's brother / maternal uncle
husband of mother's sister / uncle
wife of mother's brother / aunt / maternal uncle's wife
father's maternal uncle / granduncle
(informal) mother's brother's wife / maternal uncle's wife
father's sister's husband / husband of paternal aunt / uncle
uncle (affectionate name for a friend older than one's father) / old friend
father's brother (uncle) / husband's brother (brother-in-law)
(polite) my uncle (father's younger brother)
father's father's brother / great uncle
wife's uncle
wife's uncle
husband of father's sister / uncle
uncle (father's youngest brother)
(polite) my maternal uncle
Jang Song-taek (1946-2013), brother-in-law of Kim Jong-il 金正日, uncle and mentor of Kim Jong-un 金正恩, in 2013 accused of being a counter-revolutionary and executed
paternal uncle's son / nephew
paternal uncle
queer uncle, referring to a young to middle-aged male pedophile (Internet slang)
uncle / grandpa / CL:
Uncle Tom's Cabin, translated and adapted by Lin Shu 林紓|林纾

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