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  *投* | 投* | *投
to throw (sth in a specific direction: ball, javelin, grenade etc) / to cast (a ballot) / to cast (a glance, a shadow etc) / to put in (money for investment, a coin to operate a slot machine) / to send (a letter, a manuscript etc) / to throw oneself into (a river, a well etc to commit suicide) / to go to; to seek refuge; to place oneself into the hands of / (coll.) to rinse (clothes) in water
shadow / reflection / (fig.) hint / indication / influence / CL: 個|个
(lit. and fig.) shadow
to follow sb's tracks / to tail / to shadow / tracking
HSK 7-9
dim / dark / overcast / darkness / shadow / (fig.) dismal / gloomy / somber / murky / shadowy (side)
HSK 7-9
inseparable (as form and shadow)
HSK 7-9
  *影* | 影* | *影
picture / image / film / movie / photograph / reflection / shadow / trace
eye shadow (cosmetics)
lit. set up a pole and immediately see its shadow (idiom) / fig. to get instant results
as the shadow follows the body (idiom) / closely associated with each other / to follow relentlessly
(lit.) froth and shadows / (fig.) illusion; mirage
the shadow of a human figure / a trace of a person's presence (usu. combined with a negative verb)
flickering light and passing shadows (idiom) / blurred scenery / cursory / superficial
to follow sb / to tail / to shadow
lit. chasing the wind and clutching at shadows (idiom); fig. groundless accusations / to act on hearsay evidence
(literary) (of light, shadows) flickering; dancing
lit. looking at one's shadow and feeling sorry for oneself (idiom) / fig. alone and dejected
with only body and shadow to comfort each other (idiom) / extremely sad and lonely
a very brief period of time (lit. the time it takes for a shadow to move an inch)
(of light, shadows) swaying; moving about; dancing
lit. body and shadow follow each other (idiom) / fig. inseparable
(radiography) the shadow of a peptic ulcer in a barium-swallow X-ray
light and shadow / sunlight and shade
shadow play
hand shadow drama
lit. when a man stands straight, he doesn't worry that his shadow is slanting (idiom) / fig. as long as one conducts oneself honorably, one need not worry about what people think; a clean hand wants no washing
shapeless / deformed / ruined / beyond recognition / (of a person) reduced to a shadow
come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and leave without a trace
lit. come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and go without a trace
total shadow / umbra
lit. a lonely body with only a shadow for company / to be all alone (idiom)
shadow cabinet
shadow; umbra
lit. bum beetle / sb who tags along / shadow / sycophant
to follow sb / to tail / to shadow / also written 盯梢
shadow / darkness / twilight

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