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natural resource (such as water or minerals) / resource (such as manpower or tourism)
material / resources / data / information / profile (Internet) / CL: , 個|个
to exploit (a resource) / to open up (for development) / to develop
human resources
  *产* | 产* | *产
to give birth / to reproduce / to produce / product / resource / estate / property
  *资* | 资* | *资
resources / capital / to provide / to supply / to support / money / expense
personnel / human resources / human affairs / ways of the world / (euphemism) sexuality / the facts of life
to expand one's financial resources / abbr. for 開放源碼|开放源码
  *搭* | 搭* | *搭
to put up / to build (scaffolding) / to hang (clothes on a pole) / to connect / to join / to arrange in pairs / to match / to add / to throw in (resources) / to take (boat, train) / variant of
to economize / to conserve (resources) / economy / frugal
natural resource
  *筹* | 筹* | *筹
chip (in gambling) / token (for counting) / ticket / to prepare / to plan / to raise (funds) / resource / means
Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (PRC) / abbr. for 人力資源和社會保障部|人力资源和社会保障部
China Resources (company name)
human resources department
personnel office / human resources (HR)
to extract (ore or other resource from a mine) / to exploit / to mine
Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR), formed in 1998
mineral resources
to raise resources
plentiful / substantial / rich (in resources etc)
financial resources / source of revenue
renewable (resource)
land resources
financial resources / financial ability
remaining quantity / reserves (of natural resources, oil etc)
physical resources (as opposed to labor resources)
products / produce / natural resources
used up / dried up / exhausted (of resources)
to moisten with spittle (idiom); sharing meager resources / mutual help in humble circumstances
CR Vanguard or China Resources Vanguard Shop, a supermarket chain in Hong Kong and mainland China
innate talent / gift / flair / native resource / dowry
mineral resources
Office of Chinese Language Council International (known colloquially as "Hanban"), an organ of the PRC government which develops Chinese language and culture teaching resources worldwide, and has established Confucius Institutes 孔子學院|孔子学院 internationally / abbr. to 漢辦|汉办
nonrenewable resource
vast territory with abundant resources (idiom)
universal resource locator (URL), i.e. webaddress
lit. using straw boats to borrow arrows (idiom, from 三國演義|三国演义) / fig. to use others' manpower and resources for one's own ends
unified resource
courage and resource
lit. yellow does not reach green (idiom); the yellow autumn crop does not last until the green spring crop / temporary deficit in manpower or resources / unable to make ends meet
waste of manpower and resources
geothermal resources
to waste natural resources recklessly / not to know how to use things sparingly
manpower resources (for military service) / sources of troops
to exercise sole hegemony (idiom); to dominate a whole area (market, resources etc) / to hold as one's personal fiefdom
to exchange labor / labor exchange (system of sharing workforce resources)
to shift resources into areas of need / to inject funds / to balance resources
universal resource locator (URL), i.e. webaddress
lit. the mountain dweller lives off the mountain, the shore dweller lives off the sea (idiom) / fig. to make the best use of local resources / to exploit one's position to advance oneself / to find one's niche / to live off the land
to draw on local resources / using materials at hand
to make the best of a bad job / to make the best use of limited resources (idiom)
to pool resources (for a gift, project etc)
lit. to burn zithers and cook cranes / fig. to waste valuable resources / to destroy wantonly beautiful things
to obtain safe passage to conquer the State of Guo / to borrow the resources of an ally to attack a common enemy (idiom)
renewable resource
The will is there, but not the strength (idiom, from Confucian Analects). / I really want to do it, but don't have the resources. / The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
uniform resource locator (URL), i.e. web address

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