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  *很* | 很* | *很
(adverb of degree) / quite / very / awfully
  *度* | 度* | *度
to pass / to spend (time) / measure / limit / extent / degree of intensity / degree (angles, temperature etc) / kilowatt-hour / classifier for events and occurrences
  *得* | 得* | *得
structural particle: used after a verb (or adjective as main verb), linking it to following phrase indicating effect, degree, possibility etc
degree of difficulty
degree; level; extent
doctor (as an academic degree) / (old) person specialized in a skill or trade / (old) court academician
master's degree / person who has a master's degree / learned person
academic degree / place in school
height / altitude / elevation / high degree / highly / CL: 個|个
number of times / frequency / order number (in a series) / power (math.) / degree of a polynomial (math.)
bachelor's degree / person holding a university degree
HSK 7-9
to major (in a field) / to study a specialty to obtain a higher degree
HSK 7-9
the slightest amount or degree / a bit
HSK 7-9
stage; degree (to which a situation has evolved) / a (usu. bad) situation / leeway
HSK 7-9
°C (degrees Celsius)
HSK 7-9
perfect / excellent / brought to the utmost degree
to have (an attribute) to a small degree; to have a touch of
number of degrees / reading (on a meter) / strength (alcohol, lenses etc)
to increase by degrees / in increasing order / incremental / progressive
(number of) degrees of freedom (physics and statistics)
higher degree (e.g. equation in math.)
zero degree
  *PU* | PU* | *PU
the degree of suspicion that a woman might, after she marries, cheat on her husband (abbr. for "paternity uncertainty")
  *甸* | 甸* | *甸
suburbs or outskirts / one of the five degrees of official mourning attire in dynastic China / official in charge of fields (old)
(lit. quantity of spirit) / moral character / degree of forbearance / broad-mindedness or otherwise / tolerance / magnanimity
degree of disparity / equal difference
to cough up blood / (coll.) (used figuratively to indicate an extreme degree of anger or frustration etc)
degree of reduction (in prices, numbers etc) / decline / drop
comes at the end of the sentence to indicate a strong degree / quite / rather
degree / extent / allotted share
degree of earthquake (on magnitude scale)
place (in numbered sequence) / degree on employment scale
salty and unsalty (flavors) / degree of saltiness / brackish (water)
xiaolian, two examination subjects in Han, later a single subject in Ming and Qing / successful second degree candidate
  *偌* | 偌* | *偌
so / such / to such a degree
to the bone / to the marrow / fig. to a very large degree
to beat a prisoner (to obtain confessions) / to give sb the third degree / to torture
complementary angle (additional angle adding to 90 degrees)
Baume degrees
degree of seriousness of an illness / patient's condition
to inquire about / to give sb the third degree
to go down by degrees / progressively decreasing
third / three times / (math.) degree three, cubic (equation)
first / first time / once / (math.) linear (of degree one)
difficulty / degree of difficulty or ease
(PRC) (since 1985) graduation certificate, which certifies that the student has graduated, but not necessarily met all requirements to be awarded a degree certificate 學位證書|学位证书 / (1981-1985) graduation certificate, which certified that the student graduated, and, if it included a final sentence indicating a degree type, also certified that the student met all the requirements for a degree
dual degree (academic)
somewhat / to some degree
to study (in an academic program); to pursue (a degree)
degree of satisfaction
degree of stability
second degree
second (i.e. number two) / second time / twice / (math.) quadratic (of degree two)
five degrees / fifth (basic musical interval, doh to soh)
doctoral degree / PhD / same as Doctor of Philosophy 哲學博士學位|哲学博士学位
degree of credibility / reliability
(of a title, degree etc) illegitimately conferred
honorary degree / academic degree Honoris Causa
PhD degree (Doctor of Philosophy) / also abbr. to 博士學位|博士学位
diploma (for a degree) / degree certificate
bachelor's degree
contrast (balance of black and white in TV screen setup) / degree of contrast
to study for a degree / to take a degree course
degree of support / percentage of vote
honorary degree / (U.K. etc) honours degree
comparative degree
absolute (not liable to comparative degree)
thermodynamic temperature scale (in degrees Kelvin, measured above absolute zero)
M.Sc. (Master of Science degree)
(coll.) attractiveness (as a potential boyfriend) / degree to which one is "boyfriend material"
master's degree
Master's degree student
degrees Fahrenheit
severity (of the case) / degree of seriousness / whether sth is slight or serious
reverse fault (geology) / compression fault, where one block pushes over the other at dip of less than 45 degrees
higher education record / record including Master's or Doctoral degree

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