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  *蹲* | 蹲* | *蹲
to crouch / to squat / to stay (somewhere)
(of a cadre etc) to work for a period of time with a grassroots unit to gain firsthand experience / (dialect) taking a crap
half squat
to squat down / to crouch
squat (exercise)
squat toilet
Turkish toilet / squat toilet / to vacate one's bowels
squat / crouch
recluse / hikikomori person
squat toilet
to be behind bars
to crouch low and bend forward (esp. in hiding or in wait)
to punish a student by having him stand in a half-squatting position with arms extended forward
to do a martial-art squat
(dialect) a fall on the buttocks / pratfall
a short-barreled mortar / an ancient catapult
(slang) to be behind bars
to fatten cattle in a shed / to become fat

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