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  *跟* | 跟* | *跟
heel / to follow closely / to go with / (of a woman) to marry sb / with / compared with / to / towards / and (joining two nouns)
to follow
to follow sb's tracks / to tail / to shadow / tracking
the front (of) / (in) front / (in) sb's presence / just before (a date)
to follow after / immediately afterwards
to follow / to follow up
to follow precisely / to comply with
(of children, parents etc) at one's side / living with one
to go with the tide / to blindly follow the crowd / to follow the trend
tumble / somersault
attendant / footman (servant)
to follow / (of a woman) to get married / (old) attendant
to document on film the course of events / to follow sb with a camera
to catch up with / to keep pace with
not able to keep up with
heel (of a shoe)
to marry (of woman)
to stand firmly / to gain a foothold / to establish oneself
to fall / fig. to suffer a setback
to fall head over heels / (fig.) to come a cropper
to turn a somersault
a real man doesn't fight with womenfolk (idiom)
heel tendon of mammals / Achilles tendon
to feet the feet perfectly / to follow closely / hard on sb's heels
to lose track of
lit. bum beetle / sb who tags along / shadow / sycophant
to turn a somersault
to work as footman / to do odd jobs / to understudy (an opera actor)
what's that have to do with it? / what's the connection?
one closely following the other
to turn a somersault / to turn head over heels
to match a bet / to call (poker)
to do a somersault / to turn head over heels
wriggler / mosquito larva
(coll.) pronto / immediately
too large or small for the feet (of shoes)
to walk cautiously in order not to make noise
amorphous language
Tar Heel state
to tag along behind / to follow sb closely
high-heeled shoes

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