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policy / CL: 個|个
strategy / tactics / crafty / adroit
to plot / to scheme / to bring about / to engineer / planning / producer / planner
strategic decision / decision-making / policy decision / to determine policy
countermeasure for dealing with a situation
to spur on / to urge on / to encourage sb (e.g. to make progress)
privacy policy
  *策* | 策* | *策
surname Ce
  *策* | 策* | *策
policy / plan / scheme / bamboo slip for writing (old) / to whip (a horse) / to encourage / riding crop with sharp spines (old) / essay written for the imperial examinations (old) / upward horizontal stroke in calligraphy
  *策* | 策* | *策
variant of
  *策* | 策* | *策
variant of
state policy
to put forward plans and ideas (also derogatory) / to give advice (idiom)
foreign policy
sponsor / plotter / schemer
lit. to have one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it (idiom); fig. helpless in the face of a crisis
to offer advice / to make a suggestion
"Strategies of the Warring States", chronicle of the Warring States Period (475-220 BC), possibly written by Su Qin 蘇秦|苏秦
Sun Ce (175-200), general and major warlord of the Later Han Dynasty
decision tree
in coordination with / to support
to urge on a horse using a whip or spurs
to conspire / to plot (a rebellion, crime etc) / to machinate / to spur on / to urge action
a national policy
Pulitzer Prize
essay on current affairs submitted to the emperor as policy advice (old)
place of origin / source (of a war or a social movement)
focus strategy
Chira County in Hotan Prefecture 和田地區|和田地区, Xinjiang
one-child policy
one China policy
The higher ups have policies while the lower downs have their own ways of getting around them. (idiom)
wise policy / best policy
imperial exam involving writing essay on policy 策論|策论
welfare policy
good plan / good idea
Chira County in Hotan Prefecture 和田地區|和田地区, Xinjiang
closed-door policy
communication management / public relations
stratagem (political or military) / trick
variant of 策劃|策划
Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best. / see also 三十六計|三十六计
policy of nuclear intimidation
to blunder / to miscalculate / miscalculation / unwise (move)
to encourage / to urge / to impel / to spur sb on
to urge (sb to do do sth) / to drive (sb to take an action)
stratagem of convenience (idiom); stop-gap measure / makeshift plan / interim step
income policy
strategist / counsellor on military strategy
ostrich policy (sticking one's head in the sand, failing to acknowledge danger)
essay on policy in question and answer form used in imperial exams
foreign policy
good-neighbor policy
Three Alls Policy (kill all, burn all, loot all), Japanese policy in China during WWII
laissez-faire policy / non-interference
the best policy / the best thing one can do in the circumstances
to live in luxury / lit. to ride a solid carriage pulled by fat horses
Treatise 134 BC by Han dynasty philosopher Dong Zhongshu 董仲舒
analogy strategies
to instigate (rebellion etc) / incitement (e.g. to desertion within opposing camp)
strategy / policy / general plan / variant of 方冊|方册
Honinbo Shusaku (1829-1862), Japanese Go player
diffused strategy
local policy / regional regulations

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