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  *玄* | 玄* | *玄
black / mysterious
entrance hall / vestibule
Wei and Jin philosophical school amalgamating Daoist and Confucian ideals / translation of metaphysics (also translated 形而上學|形而上学)
profound theory (in Daoism and Buddhism) / mysterious principles
Black Tortoise (the seven mansions of the north sky) / (in Daoism) God of the north sky
deliberately mystifying / to make sth unnecessarily complicated
Xuanwu (Black tortoise) district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
Xuanwu gate coup of June 626 in early Tang, in which Li Shimin 李世民 killed his brothers, seized the throne from his father as Emperor Taizong 唐太宗
first line of the Thousand Character Classic 千字文
mysterious / profound / abstruse
mystery within a mystery / the mysteries of the Dao according to Laozi 老子
Xuanzang (602-664), Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator who traveled to India 629-645
Zheng Xuan (127-200), late Han scholar
Ningpo figwort (Scrophularia ningpoensis) / root of Ningpo figwort (used in TCM)
basalt (geology) / lava
Tang Emperor Xuanzong (685-762), also known as Emperor Ming of Tang 唐明皇, reign name of seventh Tang emperor 李隆基, reigned 712-756
abstruse / profound mystery / the mysteries of the universe
profundity / depth
mystery / mysterious / occult / abstruse doctrine (e.g. religious)
profound / abstruse mystery
unreliable / incredible
silver or black fox (Vulpes alopex argentatus)
Fang Xuanling (579-648), Tang dynasty historian, compiler of History of Jin dynasty 晉書|晋书
deceitful trick / mystery / unfathomable
magnetite Fe3O4
deep black
genmaicha / Japanese tea with added roasted brown rice
Huan Xuan (369-404), general involved in the break-up of Eastern Jin
Zhao Xuantan, God of Wealth in the Chinese folk tradition and Taoism
profound theory / philosophical theory of Wei and Jin 玄學|玄学 sect
(bird species of China) white tern (Gygis alba)
black (without gloss) / black with a hint of red in it
basalt / also written 玄熔岩
mythical fairyland on Kunlun Mountain 崑崙|昆仑
(bird species of China) brown noddy (Anous stolidus)
pillow lava (geology) / pillow basalt
Xuantu commandery (108 BC-c. 300 AD), one of four Han dynasty commanderies in north Korea
Xuan Nü, a fairy in Chinese mythology

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