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(coll.) wife
  *婆* | 婆* | *婆
grandmother / matron / mother-in-law / (slang) femme (in a lesbian relationship)
husband's mother / mother-in-law / grandma
(coll.) mother's mother / maternal grandmother
housewife (jocularly) / female housekeeper of a higher rank (old) / busybody
mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
to swirl about / (of leaves and branches) to sway
wealthy woman
granny / mother-in-law
husband's parents / parents-in-law
(dialect) mother-in-law / (house)wife
concubine / mistress / (dialect) woman
witch / sorceress / female shaman
husband's family
henpecked / to be under one's wife's thumb
old woman
woman (derog.)
old woman (at times contemptuous)
earnest and well-meaning advice (idiom); to persuade patiently
Champa (Sanskrit: Campapura or Campanagara), ancient kingdom in the South of Vietnam c. 200-1693
women with disreputable or illegal professions (idiom)
Borneo island (of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei)
grandfather's sister / sister of a woman's father-in-law
midwife (old term)
faded old woman
effeminate / old-womanish / garrulous / fainthearted / overly careful / overly sensitive / maudlin
meddling woman / nosy parker (Cantonese)
Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensis)
Shiva (Hindu deity)
mapo tofu / stir-fried beancurd in chili sauce
tearful (idiom)
(dialect) hen / prostitute / (Tw) interfering / nosy / busybody (from Taiwanese 家婆, POJ pr. [ke-pô])
(dialect) wife / married woman
Brahmanism / Hinduism
Borobudur (in Java, Indonesia)
both sides claim they're right (idiom)
wife, kids and a warm bed (idiom) / the simple and good life
Mahābhārata, second great Indian epic after 羅摩衍那|罗摩衍那, possibly originally c. 4th century BC
every potter praises his own pot (idiom) / all one's geese are swans
lit. even a submissive daughter-in-law will one day become a domineering mother-in-law (idiom) / fig. the oppressed will become the oppressor / what goes around comes around
to chase girls / to hang around with girls
aunt by marriage / husband's aunt / husband's father's younger brother's wife
midwife who induces labor
woman in late pregnancy (colloquial)
Caucasian woman (Cantonese)
primary wife

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