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variant of 聯繫|联系
  *系* | 系* | *系
to connect / to relate to / to tie up / to bind / to be (literary)
relation / relationship / to concern / to affect / to have to do with / guanxi / CL: 個|个
coefficient / factor / modulus / ratio
it doesn't matter
equation expressing a relation (math.)
relates to / bears upon
international relations
(regional) cuisine
public relations
mutual relations / common interest
stake / vital interest / concern
social relation
sexual relations / sexual contact / intercourse
stakeholder / interested party / interested person
to have sexual relations with sb / to have dealings with
University of International Relations, Beijing, established in 1949
relations between levels of production / socio-economic relations
good relations
foreign relations
blood relationship / consanguinity
bilateral relations
variant of 譜系|谱系
Sino-Japanese relations
foreign relations / diplomatic relations
man-woman connection / intimate relationship
industrial relations / relations between labor and capital
phylogenetic relationship
Council on Foreign Relations (US policy think tank)
recurrence relation
a binomial coefficient (math.) / the number of combinations
triangle relationship / a love triangle
PRC Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS)
special relation
coefficient of restitution (in Hooke's law)
improper relation / adulterous relation
political relations
Taiwan Relations Act (of US Congress, 1979)
Gini coefficient (a measure of statistical dispersion)
shady relationship / affair / adulterous relationship
equivalence relation (math.)
to seek contact with sb for one's own benefit / to suck up to sb
to be promiscuous / to sleep around
to improve relations
favoritism shown to sb because of the influence of the person's wife or other female relative / (by extension) favoritism towards relatives, friends or associates
relationship that is more than friendship
department of foreign languages / modern languages (college department)
interested party
the Zhili faction of the Northern Warlords
relative pronoun
institute of Sinology / faculty of Sinology
to transfer (from one unit to another)
formally establish diplomatic relations
cold relations (e.g. between countries)
confidence coefficient (math.)
relations between labor and employer / industrial relations
object relative clause
center-embedded relative clauses

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