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English DefinitionTraditional
bok choy / Chinese cabbage / Brassica chinensis / CL:
bunny rabbit
attractive young man (usually derog.) / pretty boy / gigolo
white mouse / lab mouse; lab rat / (fig.) human guinea pig

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Original TextSimplified
English definition Add a new word to the dictionary Traditional
(slang) novice; greenhorn / (old) (slang) fool; idiot / abbr. for 小白臉|小白脸, pretty boy
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect this entry
  *文* | 文* | *文
surname Wen
charactercopypronouncebaikeskritterexampleCorrect this entry
  *文* | 文* | *文
language / culture / writing / formal / literary / gentle / (old) classifier for coins / Kangxi radical 67
HSK 7-9

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