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besides / apart from (... also...) / in addition to / except (for)
to delete / to cancel
only if (..., or otherwise, ...) / only when / only in the case that / unless
to clear away / to eliminate / to get rid of
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to get rid of / to remove / to exclude / to eliminate / to wipe out / to divide / except / not including
to eliminate / to remove
to eliminate / to remove / to exclude / to rule out
to remove / to sack / to get rid of / to relieve (sb of their duties) / to free / to lift (an embargo) / to rescind (an agreement)
to expel (a member of an organization) / to fire (an employee)
to abolish / to abrogate / to repeal
to remove
to deduct
to exclude / not including sth (when counting or listing) / except for
to tear down / to demolish / to dismantle / to remove
besides / except / to get rid of (sb) / (math.) to divide
lunar New Year's Eve
to eliminate dust (i.e. filter out suspended particles)
to reject / to discard / to get rid of
to eliminate
to eliminate / to do away with / to get rid of
(dialect) except / besides
to remove / to dislodge
to eliminate / to remove / except for / apart from
to prevent / to avoid / to excuse / to exempt / to relieve / (of a debt) to remit
to excise / to cut out (a tumor)
to root out / to eradicate / to sweep away / to abolish
to pull out / to remove
to quit / to give up (a bad habit)
to filter out
to drive off / to dispel / to expel
to dispel (doubts)
to eradicate
to overcome all obstacles / to overcome countless difficulties
to dispel / to clear
to remove / to dismantle
to sweep / to clean with a brush / to sweep away (often fig.)
to pardon
to defrost / to get rid of ice
to expel from the Party
fault resolution / trouble clearing
weed killer / herbicide
three, set five remove two (abacus rule) / efficiently / quickly and easily
to get rid of / to dismiss
to eradicate / to exterminate
to remove completely / to eliminate / to cleanse from
to reduce / to lessen (pain etc) / to deduct (from taxes)
to strike off (the rolls) / to remove from a list / to expunge / to expel
indivisible (math)
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division: the four basic operations of arithmetic
lit. the disease is cured the moment the medicine is taken (idiom) / fig. (of a medical treatment) to give instant results / (of a solution or method) highly effective
to eliminate / to expel / to abolish
to strip sb of their Party membership and government job (開除黨籍開除公職|开除党籍开除公职)
to root out / to eliminate the roots / to cure once and for all
to weed
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
apart from this / in addition to this
mechanical sweeper
to amputate / to excise (cut out)
to excise / to remove an organ
to eradicate evil completely (idiom); thorough in rooting out wickedness
to get rid of / to dismiss / to brush aside
to remove / to eliminate / to delete
division (math.)
to defibrillate / defibrillation
to eliminate outlaws
to expel spirits / (old) to end the period of mourning
to root out the strong and give people peace (idiom); to rob the rich and give to the poor
to get rid of the old to bring in the new (idiom); to innovate
to expel from school
to reject / to abandon
to multiply and divide
to divide exactly without remainder (in integer arithmetic) / exact division
to eliminate / to kill off
ethnic cleansing
to guard against evil / to exorcise
unless otherwise agreed
divisor (math.)
If you don't want anyone to know, don't do it (idiom). fig. If you do something bad, people will inevitably hear about it.
to eliminate superstition (idiom)
to screen or filter out / to winnow (agriculture)
to get rid of
there are no rivers to one who has crossed the ocean, and no clouds to one who has passed Mount Wu (idiom) / one who has seen the world doesn't stop at small things
to wash away / to eliminate / to do away with
to reprieve / to avoid / to redeem
to defrost / defrosting
to destroy
to wipe out / to exterminate
front court / courtyard
expel the Manchu, revolutionary slogan from around 1900
to exorcize (evil spirits) / to purify through ritual / to rid oneself of (a bad habit)
to decriminalize
dusting machine / dust filter
division sign (math.)
to promote what is useful and get rid of what is harmful (idiom)
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