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Baidu, Internet portal and search engine, www.baidu.com, listed as BIDU on NASDAQ since 1999
  *百* | 百* | *百
surname Bai
  *百* | 百* | *百
hundred / numerous / all kinds of
  *強* | 強* | *強
strong / powerful / better / slightly more than / vigorous / violent / best in their category, e.g. see 百強|百强
universal / encyclopedic / abbr. for 百科全書|百科全书
Wikipedia (online encyclopedia)
general merchandise
(used in the names of grand buildings such as 百老匯大廈|百老汇大厦 Broadway Mansions (in Shanghai) or 帝國大廈|帝国大厦 Empire State Building etc)
million / millions
encyclopedia / CL: ,
hundred years / century / lifetime
one hundred percent / totally (effective)
department store
several hundred
common people
Broadway (New York City)
the hundreds place (or column) in the decimal system
many schools of thought / many people or households
Bermuda (Tw)
parfait (loanword)
treasure chest
shutter / blind
top 100 (e.g. top 100 towns)
passion fruit
the School of the Military, one of the Hundred Schools of Thought 諸子百家|诸子百家 of the Warring States Period (475-220 BC)
School of Minor-talks, one of the Hundred Schools of Thought 諸子百家|诸子百家 during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)
percent / percentage
percentage point
several million
lark / Eremophila alpestris
a hundred percent / out and out / absolutely
every illness
Three Hundred Tang Poems, an anthology collected around 1763 by Sun Zhu 孫誅
Baiyue, generic term for southern ethnic groups
a project of vital and lasting importance
centipede / millipede
two-character surname Baili
Baccarat (loanword)
in hundred and one ways / in every possible way / by every means
tripe (stomach lining of cattle etc used as food)
a hundred flowers bloom (idiom); let the arts have free expression
pleated skirt
knowledgeable person / know all
The Book of Family Names, anonymous Song dynasty reading primer listing 438 surnames
Lingyun county in Baise 百色, Guangxi
Tiandong county in Baise 百色, Guangxi
Silla, Korean kingdom 57 BC-935 AD / one of the Korean Three Kingdoms from 1st century AD, defeating its rivals Paikche 百濟|百济 and Koguryo 高句麗|高句丽 around 660 in alliance with Tang China / unified Silla 658-935
Baidu online encyclopedia
fantastic oddities of every description (idiom)
Robin Li (1968-), founder and CEO of Baidu 百度, a PRC Internet company
to emerge victorious in every battle / to be ever-victorious
all / everything / the whole
megaton / million tons
Leye county in Baise 百色, Guangxi
alternative name for Baidu 百度
fifty (usually referring to sb's age)
department store
BaiSheng, common name for Chinese company / PakSing, common Hong Kong company name
the millions place (or column) in the decimal system
department store
worth hearing a hundred times
all creatures / every kind of animal
lit. “Mr. Lü's Spring and Autumn (Annals)”, compendium of the philosophies of the Hundred Schools of Thought 諸子百家|诸子百家, compiled around 239 BC under the patronage of Qin Dynasty 秦代 Chancellor Lü Buwei 呂不韋|吕不韦
Budweiser (beer)
once the main problem is solved, all troubles are solved / death ends all one's troubles
Tianlin county in Baise 百色, Guangxi
hundreds of
Yuriko, Japanese female given name
percentage / percent
news pass quickly from mouth to mouth (idiom) / an infectious disease spreads quickly (old meaning)
all kinds of fruits
in different poses and with different expressions / in thousands of postures (idiom)
bored to death (idiom) / bored stiff / overcome with boredom
a hundred or more
Baise prefecture-level city in Guangxi / former pr. [Bo2 se4]
Bose or Baise prefecture-level city in Guangxi
all sorts of feelings well up in one's heart
Pingguo county in Baise 百色, Guangxi
all kinds of grass / all kinds of flora
lit. veteran of a hundred battles (idiom) / fig. experienced / seasoned
Paekche or Baekje (18 BC-660 AD), one of the Korean Three Kingdoms
Liliaceae / the lily family
a hundredfold / a hundred times
bazaar / department store / general store
  *兡* | 兡* | *兡
hectogram (old) / single-character equivalent of 百克
all taboos are off (idiom); anything goes / nothing is taboo
seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times (idiom); seeing for oneself is better than hearing from many others / seeing is believing
lit. vitality a hundredfold (idiom); refreshed / one's vigor thoroughly restored
lit. one hundred loopholes (idiom); full of mistakes (of speech or article)

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