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  *男* | 男* | *男
male / Baron, lowest of five orders of nobility 五等爵位 / CL: 個|个
men's clothes
a man / a male / men / CL: 個|个
schoolboy / male student / boy / guy (young adult male)
  *任* | 任* | *任
to assign / to appoint / to take up a post / office / responsibility / to let / to allow / to give free rein to / no matter (how, what etc) / classifier for terms served in office, or for spouses, girlfriends etc (as in 前任男友)
male-female / male and female
a man / a male
the male sex / a male
man / gentleman
fashionable and good-looking guy (slang)
a (real) man / boy / son
man (i.e. manly, masculine)
a man who is family-oriented, considerate and protective
to value males and attach less importance to females (idiom)
men's basketball / men's basketball team
(coll.) jerk / scumbag
virgin (male)
boy / male child
straight guy
a guy who stays at home all the time, typically spending a lot of time playing online games (derived from Japanese "otaku")
male star / famous actor
the bridegroom's side / of the bridegroom's family
a man (rather than a woman)
masculinity / manliness
males eligible for military service / draftee / abbr. for 役齡男子|役龄男子
man's family (in marriage)
male chauvinism
men's volleyball / abbr. for 男子排球
boys and girls / teenagers
male homosexuality / buggery
male baby
men's bathroom (abbr. for 男衛生間|男卫生间)
  *侽* | 侽* | *侽
old variant of
virgin male
erhua variant of 男孩
(coll.) he-man
men's singles (in tennis, badminton etc)
manly / masculine
male nurse
men, women, young and old / everybody
to masculinize / masculinization
very masculine guy / a real man / (used ironically) a grown man
men's doubles (in tennis, badminton etc)
women love bad guys
boyfriend (Internet slang)
gay guy (coll.)
man-woman connection / intimate relationship
swindler / conman
real men do not easily cry (idiom)
gents washroom / gents toilets
adult male
men, women, young and old / all kinds of people / people of all ages
men's basketball
goat-man / faun of Greek mythology
men go out to work and women stay at home (idiom)
(dialect) boy / guy
a couple engaged in an illicit love affair / a cheating couple
male chauvinism
order of feudal nobility, namely: Duke , Marquis , Count , Viscount , Baron
(Internet slang) guy who grew up in the countryside and gained a foothold in the city through hard work
(of a man) to dress as a woman (idiom)
passionate love (idiom)
a single man and a single woman / bachelors / a man and a woman together (typically in a secluded setting)
lay practitioners of Buddhism
men's singles (sports)
eldest son
otaku, a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests such as anime, manga, and video games / see also 宅男 / see also 宅女
young people decked out in gorgeous clothes (idiom)
men fear getting into the wrong line of business, women fear marrying the wrong man (proverb)
talented man and beautiful woman / ideal couple
butler / majordomo / housekeeper
to oppress the people / to act tyrannically
gay guy
(slang) a guy who is like a prawn: yummy body, but not so appealing above the neck
a real man doesn't fight with womenfolk (idiom)
(slang) male chauvinism
the left is for males, the right is for females (traditional saying)
to be promiscuous / to sleep around
to celebrate a wedding
wizard / warlock
Kim Jong-nam (1971-2017), the eldest son of Kim Jong-il 金正日
male actor playing the female role (Chinese opera)
geek / techie
man / male / male compatriot
(idiom) to have had relationships with many men
orphan / posthumous son
(of a woman) to dress as a man (idiom)

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