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wife / CL: 個|个
  *妻* | 妻* | *妻
  *妻* | 妻* | *妻
to marry off (a daughter)
husband and wife / married couple
ex-wife / late wife
wife and children
wife and child
(old) perfect wife / you, my beloved wife
to take a wife / to get married (man)
wives and concubines (of a polygamous man) / harem
to repudiate one's wife
  *孨* | 孨* | *孨
(Internet slang) the three 's that symbolize success in life: a house, a car and a wife (房子, 車子|车子 and 妻子) / (archaic) cautious / cowardly
six close relatives, namely: father , mother , older brothers , younger brothers , wife , male children / one's kin
a family wrenched apart (idiom)
henpecked male
family-run shop
to be bereaved of one's wife
bacterial tracheitis (inflammation of the windpipe, often caused by Staphylococcus aureus) / henpecked (a pun on 妻子管得嚴|妻子管得严 used in comic theater)
first wife
wife swapping
to use one's power and influence to take another man's wife for oneself
similarity in features of an old couple / common facial traits that show predestination to be married together
chaff, husks, distillers' dregs etc (food eaten by the poor) / (fig.) rubbish / junk / (abbr. for 糟糠妻) wife who goes through the hardships of poverty with her husband
lit. one husband one wife / monogamy
popular Sichuan cold dish made of thinly sliced beef and beef offal
favor the concubine and do away with the wife (idiom) / spoil one's mistress and neglect one's wife
widow / the deceased's widow
weekend spouse / relationship involving a sugar-daddy
(of a deserving official) to grant his wife a title and make his son heir to his titles
wife who goes through the hardships of poverty with her husband
not yet married / bachelor
a couple in a short-lived, improper relationship
husband and wife in youth, companions in old age
a good wife and loving mother
man and wife fall out (idiom, from Book of Changes); marital strife
to abandon wife and children
you should not covet your friend's wife (idiom)
an ugly wife is a treasure at home (idiom)

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