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different / distinct / not the same / not alike
identical / same
  *同* | 同* | *同
like / same / similar / together / alike / with
at the same time / simultaneously
common / joint / jointly / together / collaborative
to agree / to consent / to approve
(Confucianism) Great Harmony (concept of an ideal society)
synchronous / to synchronize / to keep step with
same / equal / equivalent
to study at the same school / fellow student / classmate / CL: , 個|个
colleague / co-worker / CL: 個|个,
person of the same profession / of the same trade, occupation or industry
to journey together
along / together
similar / same type / alike
like / as
identical / the same
same trade or business / person in the same trade or business
comrade / (slang) homosexual / CL: 個|个
people from the same workplace or profession / co-worker / colleague / pop culture enthusiasts who create fan fiction etc
Tongren county in Huangnan Tibetan autonomous prefecture 黃南藏族自治州|黄南藏族自治州, Qinghai
variant of 同人
the same year
to approve of / to endorse / to acknowledge / to recognize / to identify oneself with
to accompany
of the same name / homonymous / self-titled (album)
same-sex marriage / gay marriage
the corresponding time period (in a different year etc) / concurrent / synchronous
to regard the same as / to regard as being the same as
to cooperate / in coordination with / coordinated / collaborate / collaboration / collaborative
homosexuality / gay person / gay love
to enjoy together
to be with
Datong or Tatung district of Taipei City 臺北市|台北市, Taiwan / Datong district of Daqing city 大慶|大庆, Heilongjiang
to equate / equal to
same principle
(business) contract / CL: 個|个
to stand out from the masses (idiom)
Tongxin county in Wuzhong 吳忠|吴忠, Ningxia
to be of one mind / united / concentric
same nature / homosexual
social gathering at which those attending take it in turns to perform for the whole group (music, dancing or comedy etc)
fellow enthusiasts
Huitong county in Huaihua 懷化|怀化, Hunan
to handle sth jointly
trade association
same day / simultaneous
entirely different / different as black and white
equal to / having the same social class or status
to live together
at the same time / meanwhile
similarly hereinafter
to approve of / to endorse / (vote) in favor
on the same level / ranking equally
Tong'an district of Xiamen city 廈門市|厦门市 (Amoy), Fujian
homology (biology) / a common origin
flush (poker)
peer / member of the same class, generation or social group
Xiaokang, a Confucian near-ideal state of society, second only to Datong 大同
Xinrong district of Datong city 大同市, Shanxi
lane / alley / CL: 條|条
to sympathize with / sympathy
born of the same parents / sibling / fellow citizen / compatriot
coaxial cable
companion / comrade / fellow
schoolmate / fellow student
Tongli, a city in Jiangsu Province, China
for the same reason
Tongde county in Hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海南藏族自治州, Qinghai
similar (model) / merchandise similar to that used by a celebrity etc
virtually the same / differing only on small points
a lesbian (coll.)
as above / ditto / idem
to approve of / to endorse / (vote) in favor
to live under the same roof (of different generations)
coaxial / concentric
bilateral agreement
like-minded (idiom) / fellow enthusiast / kindred spirit
fellow workers
(of a married couple) to have intercourse / (literary) to share the same room / of the same family branch
desk-mate / seat-mate
to agree by chance (idiom); taking the same action without prior consultation
government sub-prefect (old)
the Seven Duties of a sovereign, namely: offering sacrifice 祭祀, giving audience 朝覲|朝觐, administering jointly 會同|会同, receiving guests 賓客|宾客, running army 軍旅|军旅, attending to farm work 田役, mourning ceremonial 喪荒|丧荒
mirroring others / identical
Datong or Tatung township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan
person from the same province
to treat everyone equally favorably (idiom); not to discriminate between people
to have nothing in common with each other (idiom)
common ground
gay guy (coll.)
to collude / to gang up on
along with / accompanied by / together with
to feel as if it had happened to oneself / to sympathize / (polite expression of gratitude for a favor received by a friend etc) I take it as a personal favor

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