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  *刀* | 刀* | *刀
surname Dao
  *刀* | 刀* | *刀
knife / blade / single-edged sword / cutlass / CL: / (slang) dollar (loanword) / classifier for sets of one hundred sheets (of paper) / classifier for knife cuts or stabs
cutting tool
blade / razor blade / tool bit
scissors / CL:
(of a surgeon) to perform an operation / (of a patient) to have an operation / to decapitate / to behead / to single out as a point of attack
to hone (a knife)
screwdriver / CL:
knives / cutlery
to hold a knife / knife-wielding
(slang) US dollar / USD
vegetable knife / kitchen knife / cleaver / CL:
cutting edge or point of a knife, sword or tool
spatula / scraper
knife work (food preparation)
hand formed into a flat shape, as for a karate chop
cutter / knife
knife / CL:
sickle / curved blade to cut grain
knife / CL:
a throwing knife / fly cutter (machine tool)
paring knife / fruit knife / CL:
knife and fork / CL:
steel knife / sword
planing tool
the edge of a knife / cut / incision
Pacific saury (Cololabis saira)
knife blade / crucial point
utility knife / box cutter
sword and spear / weapons
broadsword / large knife / machete
to stab / to attack with knife
military knife / saber
ice skates / ice skate blades
knife-shaved noodles (pared or shaved into strips), a Shanxi specialty
whetstone (for honing knives)
table knife / dinner knife
file (metalworking and woodworking tool)
rock-paper-scissors (game)
to hang up the sword
to appear in sb's show / to give one's support
Dolan, a people of the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, also known as 多郎
reamer / scissors
treasure knife does not age (idiom); old but still vigorous
lit. to cut all at one stroke (idiom); to impose uniformity / one solution fits a diversity of problems / one size fits all
saber / cavalry sword
lever-style guillotine (for chopping fodder etc)
scar from a knife wound
shaver / razor
dive knife
back of the knife
bold and decisive
lit. impervious to sword or spear (idiom) / fig. invulnerable / untouchable / thick-skinned / impervious to criticism
Swiss Army knife
nail clipper
to lend sb a knife to kill sb / to get sb else to do one's dirty work / to attack using the strength of another (idiom)
lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp (idiom); decisive action in a complex situation / cutting the Gordian knot
clasp knife / folding knife
to make mincemeat of sb / to hack sb to pieces (used while cursing)
lit. two segments with a single cut (idiom) / fig. to make a clean break (idiom)
to feel as if having one's heart cut out (idiom) / to be torn with grief
lit. to sharpen one's sword (idiom) / fig. to prepare to attack / to be getting ready for battle
to rob sb of sth they cherish (idiom)
to get straight to the point (idiom)
butcher's knife / abattoir hatchet
  *刂* | 刂* | *刂
"knife" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 18) / see also 立刀旁 / see also 側刀旁|侧刀旁
lit. knifes piercing both sides (idiom) / fig. to attach a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it
hunting knife
tapertail anchovy (Coilia ectenes) / various species of cutlassfish / saury
flick knife / switchblade / spring-loaded knife
lit. a dagger hidden in smiles (idiom); friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions / when the fox preaches, look to the geese
to feel a pain like a knife being twisted in one's heart (idiom)
lancet (surgeon's knife)
lit. to go among enemies with only one's sword (idiom) / fig. to go alone into enemy lines
type of machete used by Taiwan aborigines, worn at the waist in an open-sided scabbard
lit. mountains of daggers and seas of flames / fig. extreme danger (idiom)
Dagger Society, anti-Qing secret society who mounted an unsuccessful rebellion in 1855
thinning scissors
writing up of official or judicial documents / pettifoggery
female warrior role in Chinese opera
scraper / trowel / putty knife
sacrificial knife and altar
chunks obtained by repeatedly cutting a vegetable diagonally and rotating the vegetable after each cut
two-faced, three knives (idiom); double-cross / double dealing and back stabbing
lay down butcher's knife, become a Buddha on the spot (idiom); instant rehabilitation / to repent and be absolved of one's crimes

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