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washer / washing machine / CL: 臺|台
to rinse / to wash / washing
bamboo basket for rice-washing
washbowl / basin for washing hands and face / CL: 個|个
wooden club (used to beat clothes in washing)
laundry detergent / washing powder
washbowl / basin for washing hands and face
  *絓* | 絓* | *絓
type of coarse silk / bag used to wrap silk before washing
  *匴* | 匴* | *匴
ancient utensil for washing rice (or being used as a plate) / ancient bamboo container for hats
mesh laundry bag (for keeping garments separate from others in the washing machine)
Huansahji or Washing the Silken Gauze, Yuan and Ming saga reworked by 梁辰魚|梁辰鱼 from History of the Southern States Wu and Yue, 吳越春秋|吴越春秋, a popular opera subject
basket (for washing rice)
washing appliance
washing tank / sink
washer / washing machine / rinsing machine
washing or color fastness / launderability

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