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  *推* | 推* | *推
to push / to cut / to refuse / to reject / to decline / to shirk (responsibility) / to put off / to delay / to push forward / to nominate / to elect / massage
to refuse / to decline / to reject
to negate / to deny / to reject / negative (answer) / negation
to resist / to boycott / to refuse (to cooperate) / to reject / resistance / refusal
to reject / to exclude / to eliminate / to remove / to repel
  *屏* | 屏* | *屏
to get rid of / to put aside / to reject / to keep control / to hold (one's breath)
to push open (a gate etc) / to push away / to reject / to decline
to reject / to discard / to get rid of
to reject / to turn down / to overrule
production rejects / seconds / scrap / discarded material
  *毙* | 毙* | *毙
to die / to shoot dead / to reject / to fall forward / (suffix) to death
to issue a card / (slang) to reject a guy or a girl / to chuck
to choose / to accept or reject
to accept or reject
to see through the world of mortals (idiom, of Buddhist monk) / disillusioned with human society / to reject the world for a monastic life
to meet with a refusal (e.g. visa) / to have an application rejected
to spurn / to reject
to reject sb after being deeply touched by them (Internet slang)
  *攘* | 攘* | *攘
to push up one's sleeves / to reject or resist / to seize / to perturb / to steal
  *拚* | 拚* | *拚
to disregard / to reject
  *摈* | 摈* | *摈
to reject / to expel / to discard / to exclude / to renounce
to reject
to see through / disillusioned with / to reject (the world of mortals)
(slang) to reject sb (by labeling them a "nice guy")
to dismiss from office / to ban / to reject
to reject a word because of the speaker (idiom, from Analects); to judge on preference between advisers rather than the merits of the case
not to reject a word because of the speaker (idiom, from Analects); to judge on the merits of the case rather than preference between advisers
(literary) to choose between rejecting and accepting
to reject / to refuse to take a call
to get rid of / to weed out / to reject
to blot out at one stroke / to reject out of hand / to deny without a hearing
to spurn / to reject
to reject (visa application etc) / (commerce) to return to sender / item returned to sender
to reject / to refuse to accept
to cast away / to reject / to shun / to desert one's post
to reject / to dismiss
to reject (a patent application etc)
to defy the times and reject custom (idiom); in breach of current conventions
to reject / to abandon
to reject / to abandon

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