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  *等* | 等* | *等
class / rank / grade / equal to / same as / to wait for / to await / et cetera / and so on / et al. (and other authors) / after / as soon as / once
other / (sth or sb) else / the rest
to share (let others have some of sth good)
  *和* | 和* | *和
to compose a poem in reply (to sb's poem) using the same rhyme sequence / to join in the singing / to chime in with others
  *相* | 相* | *相
each other / one another / mutually / fret on the neck of a pipa 琵琶 (a fret on the soundboard is called a )
  *代* | 代* | *代
to substitute / to act on behalf of others / to replace / generation / dynasty / age / period / (historical) era / (geological) eon
  *他* | 他* | *他
he or him / (used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant) / (used before sb's name for emphasis) / (used as a meaningless mock object) / other / another
other / the others / else / other than it / in addition to the thing mentioned above
  *別* | 別* | *別
to leave / to depart / to separate / to distinguish / to classify / other / another / don't ...! / to pin / to stick (sth) in
  *另* | 另* | *另
other / another / separate / separately
or / either one or the other
  *鍵* | 鍵* | *鍵
key (on a piano or computer keyboard) / button (on a mouse or other device) / chemical bond / linchpin
  *異* | 異* | *異
different / other / hetero- / unusual / strange / surprising / to distinguish / to separate / to discriminate
additional / in addition / besides / separate / other / moreover / furthermore
  *欄* | 欄* | *欄
fence / railing / hurdle / column or box (of text or other data)
compassion / kindness / care for others / love / CL: / charity (bazaar, golf day etc) / heart (the symbol ♥)
to part or leave each other / to distinguish / difference / in different ways / differently / separately or individually
can only / obliged to do sth / to have no other choice
another / the other
  *旁* | 旁* | *旁
beside / one side / other / side / self / the right-hand side of split Chinese character, often the phonetic
(coll.) piece of light artillery such as a mortar / (fig.) person who speaks boldly and frankly / hot hatch (car) / (also used figuratively with various meanings in other contexts)
the other day / a few days ago
  *哦* | 哦* | *哦
sentence-final particle that conveys informality, warmth, friendliness or intimacy / may also indicate that one is stating a fact that the other person is not aware of
  *擠* | 擠* | *擠
to crowd in / to cram in / to force others aside / to press / to squeeze / to find (time in one's busy schedule)
in turn / successively / one after the other / bit by bit
each other / mutually / mutual
to help each other
to have some other (reason etc)
apart from / other than / except for / external / outside of / on the other side of / beyond
each other / one another
another / sb else / other people
the rest / the others / remaining / remainder / apart from them
counterpart / other person involved / opposite side / other side / receiving party
other people / others / other person
clothing / clothing and other personal items
to lump together / to treat along with all the others
to meet / to see each other / CL:
to show / to take out and show to others / to display
car or other vehicle (bicycle, truck etc)
lotus flower (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn, among others) / water-lily
that day / the other day
  *株* | 株* | *株
tree trunk / stump (tree root) / a plant / classifier for trees or plants / strain (biology) / to involve others (in shady business)
one side / either side / on the one hand / on the other hand / doing while
  *丼* | 丼* | *丼
(Tw) bowl of boiled rice with other food on top (loanword from Japanese "donburi")
in other words / that is to say / so / thus
else / other
in other words / that is
each other / mutual
other people / sb else / he, she or they / I, me (referring to oneself as "one" or "people")
compatible / consistent / to tolerate (each other)
other half / fig. spouse / one's better half
the other end of the world / a faraway place
for sb / for others' interest
the spread of Korean cultural products (TV dramas, pop music etc) to other countries / Korean Wave
to draw on (others' experience) / to learn from (how others do things) / lesson to be learned (by observing others)
authority / power over others
parts of the country other than where one is
to get to know each other / acquaintance
guide (e.g. book or other printed material)
tacit understanding / mutual understanding / rapport / connected at a deep level with each other / (of team members) well coordinated / tight
Yingpan, common place name ("army camp") / place near Jintian village 金田村 in Guangxi where the Taiping Tianguo rebels took their oaths in 1851 / place in Xinfeng county 新豐縣|新丰县 traditional camping place of brigands / Yingpan township, place name / Yingpan in Shangluo prefecture, Shaanxi / Yingpan township in Yunnan / (many others)
to precede others / in advance
(of a fragrance) to waft about / (fig.) (of foods) to become popular in other places as well
Green Standard Army, standing infantry during Qing dynasty, originally formed from Ming and other Chinese army units
nothing other than / to differ in no way from / the same as / to amount to
misfortune / crisis / grave danger / critical situation / disaster / emergency / to be zealous in helping others out of a predicament
EasyCard, smartcard used for payment on public transport and at other businesses such as convenience stores in Taipei and surrounding areas
to see each other / to meet in person
to tell others (a secret) / to divulge to an outsider / to be rumored
to love each other
to add water (or other liquid) to (another ingredient such as powdered milk or tea leaves) / to infuse (tea)
grain crops other than rice and wheat
considerate (of other people's needs)
to live in or on another organism as a parasite / to live by taking advantage of others / parasitism / parasitic
to favor one and discriminate against the other (abbr. for 厚此薄彼)
to fall over each other in their eagerness to...
blind date / arranged interview to evaluate a proposed marriage partner (Taiwan pr. [xiang4 qin1]) / to be deeply attached to each other
to be a candidate in an election or other selection process / to run for office / to turn out to vote
to fit one into the other / to bring two things into contact
self-media (news or other content published on independently-operated social media accounts)
to reveal one's talent (idiom) / to rise above others / to distinguish oneself
to love each other
garbage truck (or other vehicle)
on the other hand... / conversely...
lit. one hand exchanges the cash, the other the goods (idiom) / fig. to pay for what you want in cash / simple and direct transaction
to reincarnate / reincarnation (Buddhism) / (of the seasons etc) to follow each other cyclically / cycle / CL: 個|个
(in former times) to escort the emperor (or other important personage) / (nowadays) to escort sb (usually jocular)
on the other hand
to accompany sb / to accompany each other
ventilation / aeration / to keep each other informed / to release information
no better (or worse) than each other / both in the same boat
non-staple foods / (Tw) solids (food for infants other than breast milk and formula)
sb who is romantically involved with sb already in a committed relationship / the other woman / the other man / third person / third party (in dispute) / disinterested party / number three in a list
(of two vehicles traveling in opposite directions) to pass by each other
lit. to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up (idiom) / to be far inferior
printing portions of a page (e.g. a banner headline) in red (or other color)
boisterous live show held during the Ghost Festival 中元節|中元节 in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia
other people / bystanders / onlookers / outsiders
to extract (ore or other resource from a mine) / to exploit / to mine
to have no other... (used in fixed expressions)

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