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music / CL: 張|张, ,
  *乐* | 乐* | *乐
light music
  *板* | 板* | *板
board / plank / plate / shutter / table tennis bat / clappers (music) / CL: 塊|块 / accented beat in Chinese music / hard / stiff / to stop smiling or look serious
  *通* | 通* | *通
classifier for an activity, taken in its entirety (tirade of abuse, stint of music playing, bout of drinking etc)
speed / rate / velocity / (music) tempo / CL: 個|个
  *拍* | 拍* | *拍
to pat / to clap / to slap / to swat / to take (a photo) / to shoot (a film) / racket (sports) / beat (music)
  *调* | 调* | *调
to transfer / to move (troops or cadres) / to investigate / to enquire into / accent / view / argument / key (in music) / mode (music) / tune / tone / melody
the masses / the great bulk of the population / popular (of music, science etc)
  *谱* | 谱* | *谱
chart / list / table / register / score (music) / spectrum (physics) / to set to music
album / record (music) / special collection of printed or broadcast material
single (music)
the spread of Korean cultural products (TV dramas, pop music etc) to other countries / Korean Wave
to hit / to strike / to attack / to crack down on sth / blow / (psychological) shock / percussion (music)
strength / vigor / efforts / (music) dynamics
dance music
  *韶* | 韶* | *韶
(music) / excellent / harmonious
archive of graphics (e.g. maps, documents or botanical figures) / atlas / collection of illustrations or sheet music
speaking and singing, as in various forms of storytelling such as 彈詞|弹词 and 相聲|相声 / (music) rapping
classical music
instrumental music
to sample / to taste / to appreciate / one's taste (i.e. in music, literature, fashion, food and drink etc) / good taste
  *灌* | 灌* | *灌
to irrigate / to pour / to install (software) / to record (music)
music played during a movie, play etc / incidental music / music played in a theatrical interlude / (fig.) incident / episode
rock 'n' roll (music) / to rock / to fall off
folk music, esp. for traditional instruments
outstanding heroes / warlords vying for supremacy (in former times) / stars (of sports or pop music)
pop music
height / altitude (aviation) / pitch (music) / ups and downs (success or failure) / whether sth is right or wrong / comparative strength, weight, depth, stature / (spoken interjection) anyway, whatever / eventually, in the end
  *奏* | 奏* | *奏
to play music / to achieve / to present a memorial to the emperor (old)
to harmonize / harmony / cooperation / (music) consonant
background music (BGM) / soundtrack / musical setting
blues (music) (loanword)
music fan
music academy / conservatory
music circles / music world
to compose (music)
gramophone record / LP / music CD / musical album / CL: 張|张
music-loving / philharmonic
music notation in which the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and Si are represented by numerals 1 to 7
a musical score / sheet music
vocal music
punk (music style) (loanword)
to compose (music) / arrangement
beat (music) / meter
music festival
out of tune (music)
to compose (a piece of music) / (fig.) to create, by one's actions, a narrative (generally one that can be recounted with pride)
(music) note / phonetic component of a Chinese character / phonetic symbol / phonogram
(music) staff / stave
mordent (music)
electronic music (genre)
xiaodiao, a Chinese folk song genre / minor key (in music)
repertoire / program / song / piece of music
music / rhyme and rhythm / initial, , and final and tone, 韻|韵, of a Chinese character / phoneme
to compose a piece of music
canon (music) (loanword)
chord (music)
brass instrument (music)
a minor matter / trivia / bar (music)
(of a pupil) to write down (in a dictation exercise) / dictation / (music) to transcribe by ear
(of a list, music chart etc) to reach the top
poem for singing / tune / music / CL:
echo / reply / turn (ornament in music)
string music
blues (music)
(music) fingering / (TCM) manipulation of acupuncture needles / (keyboard) typing technique / (dance) hand movements / (painting) finger method
Shanghai Conservatory of Music
harmony (music)
electronic keyboard (music)
oboe-like musical instrument used in folk music of Gansu, Qinghai etc / (onom.) meow / kitty kitty! / Mimi (Western name) / tits (i.e. slang for breasts)
continuous (esp. of mountain ranges) / to stretch long and unbroken / a continuous link / sostenuto (sustained, in music)
simple and honest / unsophisticated / (music etc) deep and resounding
Central Conservatory of Music
major key (in music)
music and song (formal writing)
orchestral music
to perform music (as an ensemble)
music theory
(voice, music) suave / mellow / (speech) indirect / tactful
Qinqiang, an opera style popular in northwest China, possibly originating in Ming dynasty folk music / Shaanxi opera
serene and elegant (of a place) / ethereal (of music)
singing stage / music business (esp. pop music)
vocal music (in opera) / aria
to notate music / to write a score
Peng Liyuan (1962-), PRC folk music singer, wife of Xi Jinping 習近平|习近平
great master (of literature, music etc)
elated / high-spirited / uplifting (music)
suite (music)
to turn back / to put back / reversal / melodic inversion (in music)
dignified / grave (expression) / imposing (attitude) / heavy (atmosphere) / (music etc) deep and resounding
Song Zuying (1966-), Chinese folk music singer
nocturne (music)
prelude (music)
  *夔* | 夔* | *夔
one-legged mountain demon of Chinese mythology / Chinese mythical figure who invented music and dancing / Chinese rain god / surname Kui
rock music / rock 'n roll
Six Classics, namely: Book of Songs 詩經|诗经, Book of History 尚書|尚书, Book of Rites 儀禮|仪礼, the lost Book of Music 樂經|乐经, Book of Changes 易經|易经, Spring and Autumn Annals 春秋
folk art consisting of storytelling to music
Yuan dynasty theater, including poetry, music and comedy
counterpoint (in music etc) / to align / alignment

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