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to follow sb's tracks / to tail / to shadow / tracking
tracks / trail / footprint / trace / vestige
to follow a trail / to trace / to pursue
  *蹤* | 蹤* | *蹤
footprint / trace / tracks
to be missing / to disappear / unaccounted for
whereabouts / (lose) track (of)
follow-up study / investigative follow-up
to disappear without trace (idiom)
tracking number (of a package shipment)
follow-up report
trace / vestige / presence
trace / sign
to hide oneself (as a joke)
come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and leave without a trace
in hiding
lit. come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and go without a trace
to hide
Mizongyi, Mizong, My Jhong Law Horn - "Lost Track Fist" (Chinese Martial Art)
to follow along behind sb (formal writing)
gone without a trace
no trace to be seen
to abscond without leaving a trace (idiom)
the traces of a person's movements / (fig.) sb's history / the ins and out of a matter
to disperse and flee, leaving no trace
missing in action (MIA) (military)

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