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lit. warp and weft in weaving; vertically and horizontal / length and breadth / criss-crossed / able to move unhindered / abbr. for 合縱連橫|合纵连横, School of Diplomacy during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)
to operate / to control / to rig / to manipulate
to set on fire / to commit arson
depth (from front to rear) / depth (into a territory) / span (of time) / (fig.) depth (of deployment, progress, development etc)
  *縱* | 縱* | *縱
warp (the vertical threads in weaving) / vertical / longitudinal / north-south (lines of longitude) / lengthwise / to release / to indulge / even if
even if / even though
to survey comprehensively / an overall survey
longitudinal / vertical
to leap / to spring / to throw oneself
panoramic view / wide survey
lit. warp string in weaving / fig. vertical or north-south lines / to pass through / to cross lengthwise / to pierce (esp. north-south or top-to-bottom)
column / file / CL: ,
transient / fleeting
arrogant and willful
to talk freely
to indulge / to pamper / to connive at / permissive / indulgent / self-indulgent / unrestrained / undisciplined / uncultured / boorish
Vertical and Horizontal Alliance, opposing stratagems devised by the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家 during the Warring States Period (425-221 BC)
even if / even though
to indulge / to connive at
to indulge in debauchery
School of Diplomacy of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) whose leading advocates were Su Qin 蘇秦|苏秦 and Zhang Yi 張儀|张仪
undisciplined / untrammeled / to indulge
Vertical Alliance, clique of the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家 during the Warring States Period (425-221 BC)
criss-crossed (idiom)
to your heart's content
In order to capture, one must let loose. / to loosen the reins only to grasp them better
to indulge (a child) / to pamper / to spoil
to drink excessively
loudly / in a loud voice
joystick / control lever
to manipulate from behind the scenes / to pull the strings
vertical coordinate / ordinate
mediastinum (organs and tissues in the thorax between the lungs)
to criss-cross / to run unhindered across the whole country
as far as the eye can see
to indulge / to give free rein / even if
fifth column (subversive group)
vertical line / vertical coordinate line
stria longitudinalis (in the brain)
lit. to let the tiger return to the mountain; fig. to store up future calamities
longitudinal wave
to stride / to bound
to talk freely
willfully / wantonly
vertical section / longitudinal section
longitudinal beam
to operate (a machine etc) with ease
lobe / longitudinal slit / vertical fracture
longitudinal muscle
to enjoy / to indulge in
pitching motion (of a boat)
tears and mucus flowing profusely / sniveling / in a tragic state
to theorize generally
(bird species of China) little owl (Athene noctua)
(bird species of China) striated bulbul (Pycnonotus striatus)
longitudinal nerve cord
(bird species of China) pallid scops owl (Otus brucei)
vertical section / longitudinal section

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