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thus / consequently / as a result
each other / one another
besides / in addition / moreover / furthermore
from now on / since then / henceforth
  *此* | 此* | *此
this / these
up until now / so far
in this way / so
now / this moment
with this / thereby / thus / because of this
this place / here (literary)
hereby / from this
for this reason / with regards to this / in this respect / in order to do this / to this end
at the same time / meanwhile
hereto / hereunto
at this point / thus / from then on
using this as a pretext / thereby
after this / afterwards / hereafter
not only that, but ...
from this, it can be seen that...
to regard as / to treat as
here / this place
that's all / just this and nothing more
such matters / things like this / this line of work / this pursuit / this hobby / this endeavor
thus and so / such and such
this moment / now / at present
since then / henceforth
(used at the end of a letter to introduce a polite salutation)
because of this
this kind / these kinds / such
here / this place
before this / before then / previously
to do more than is required (idiom); superfluous / gilding the lily
to travel (somewhere) / (vandalism) "was here"
after this / from then on
to stop at this point / to end here / to call it a day
no better (or worse) than each other / both in the same boat
at this very moment
according to this / on the ground of the above / (formally introduces reported speech in writing)
hereto / here
in view of this / to this end
if only it were so / I hope so (idiom)
to enjoy sth and never tire of it (idiom)
things like this (idiom); and so on / and the rest / etc
the trip has not been made in vain / the trip has been well worthwhile / it's been a worthwhile trip
on this (occasion) / at this time when ... / on this occasion
be that as it may
after this / afterwards / next
apart from this / in addition to this
here and now / as things stand
then / as a result
before today
meanwhile / at the same time
to make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's (idiom) / to share everything / to be on very intimate terms
to favour one and discriminate against the other
lit. 300 silver taels not hidden here (idiom); fig. to reveal what one intends to hide
this road is blocked / fig. This method does not work. / Doing this is no good.
win or lose, it all ends here / this is the moment to shine
either this or that / one or the other
to be proficient in the area of / skilled in this field
far from it being so (idiom)
from here on
respectfully yours (at the end of a letter)
to rise and fall in succession (idiom) / repeating continuously
lit. to attend to one thing and lose sight of another (idiom) / fig. to be unable to manage two or more things at once / cannot pay attention to one thing without neglecting the other
and so on / in a similar fashion
to die / to be done with this world
up here, down there (idiom); to rise and fall in succession / no sooner one subsides, the next arises / repeating continuously / occurring again and again (of applause, fires, waves, protests, conflicts, uprisings etc)
officialese / official routine / (old) (conventional phrase used in response to one's superior) in view of the above, we therefore...
that was one thing, and this is another / times have changed
to chorus sb else's lead (idiom); to chime in in agreement
this time
how can this be so? (idiom); preposterous / ridiculous / absurd
to chorus sb else's lead (idiom); to chime in in agreement
if it is possible (idiom)
lit. not to have breakfast until the enemy is destroyed / anxious to do battle (idiom)
where do these words stem from? / why do you (he, etc) say such a thing?
before that / beforehand / previously
to have one's ambitions elsewhere (idiom)

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