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to excavate / to dig / to unearth
to excavate / to extract (ore)
  *掘* | 掘* | *掘
to dig
to excavate / to explore / (fig.) to unearth / to tap into
lit. to net birds and dig for rats (idiom); fig. hard pressed for cash / on the verge of bankruptcy
to dig; to excavate / (fig.) to explore (archival materials) and unearth findings
to dig one's own grave
lit. not to dig a well until one is thirsty / to be unprepared and seek help at the last minute (idiom)
to scrape together money (abbr. for 羅雀掘鼠|罗雀掘鼠)
Drinking the water of a well, one should never forget who dug it. (idiom)
excavator / bulldozer
to exhume / to unearth / to dig out
grave digger
to exhume a body for public flogging (idiom)
Digg (social news website)
data mining

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