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  *尾* | 尾* | *尾
tail / remainder / remnant / extremity / sixth of the 28 constellations / classifier for fish
  *尾* | 尾* | *尾
horse's tail / pointed posterior section of a locust etc
Huwei town in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
end credits (of a movie etc) / ending (of a movie etc)
tail / colloquial pr. [yi3 ba5]
ending / coda / to wind up
Mawei district of Fuzhou city 福州市, Fujian
ponytail (hairstyle) / horse's tail / slender fibers like horse's tail (applies to various plants)
Huwei town in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
exhaust (i.e. waste gas from engine) / emissions
coda / epilogue / end
cocktail (loanword)
last page
remainder (after rounding a number) / decimal part (of number after the decimal point) / mantissa (i.e. fractional part of common logarithm in math.) / small change / balance (of an account)
to tail behind / to tag along / to follow on the heels of
Tienwei township in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan
tail light (on vehicle)
drifting (motorsport)
Tienwei township in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan
from start to finish / from head to tail / the whole (thing)
to wind up / to bring to an end / to finish
Iricdaceae, the iris family
fishplate (in railway engineering)
to copulate (of animals) / to mate
back part / rear or tail section
Shanwei prefecture level city in Guangdong
empennage (of an aircraft) / fletching (of an arrow) / fins (of a missile, rocket etc) / rear spoiler (of a car)
nine-tailed fox (mythological creature)
balance (money remaining due)
end of the year
final sound of a syllable / rhyme (e.g. in European languages)
sage (Salvia officinalis)
tail / end / small change / odd sum remaining after large round number
Mawei district of Fuzhou city 福州市, Fujian
end of the month
hair ends
final period / the end (of a term) / the close
wake (trailing behind a ship, airplane etc) / slipstream
outer corner of the eye
unfinished / incomplete
wrinkles of the skin / crow's feet
appendicitis (medicine)
iris (family Iridaceae)
top of streets, bottom of alleys (idiom); everywhere in the city
pig's tail (meat)
lit. tiger's head, snake's tail (idiom); fig. a strong start but weak finish
the rear (tail) of a plane etc
(coll.) lowest-ranking (student, participant etc) / to rank at the bottom of the list / to finish last
head and tail
appendix / vermiform appendix (anatomy)
lit. fox's tail (idiom); visible sign of evil intentions / to reveal one's evil nature / evidence that reveals the villain
back end of a ship / aft
low emissions (from car exhaust)
tail or caudal fin
afraid of the head, terrified of the tail (idiom); ever fearful and nervous / afraid of the slightest thing
swallow tail butterfly (family Papilionidae)
end / tip / extremity
to complete the last stage of work / to round off
to hide the head and show the tail (idiom); to give a partial account / half-truths
large tail obstructs action (idiom); bottom heavy / fig. rendered ineffective by subordinates
where there's a start, there's a finish (idiom); to finish once one starts sth / to carry things through / I started, so I'll finish.
Owari or Owari-no-kuni, Japanese fiefdom during 11th-15th century, current Aichi prefecture around Nagoya
to nod one's head and wag one's tail (idiom) / to be well pleased with oneself / to have a lighthearted air
back of the line / last one in line
acute appendicitis (medicine)
lit. to use a dog's tail as a substitute for sable fur (idiom) / fig. a worthless sequel to a masterpiece
a year-end dinner for employees
to tuck one's tail between one's legs / fig. to back down / in a humiliating situation
to start but not finish (idiom); to fail to carry things through / lack of sticking power / short attention span
Wei Sheng (legendary character who waited for his love under a bridge until he was drowned in the surging waters) / sb who keeps to their word no matter what
mining waste / waste remaining after processing ore / tailings
(phonology) coda, the part of a syllable that follows its vocalic nucleus (e.g. "u" in kòu or "n" in běn)
lit. a tortoise laughing at a soft-shelled turtle for having no tail (idiom) / fig. the pot calling the kettle black
(bird species of China) brown shrike (Lanius cristatus)
(bird species of China) greater racket-tailed drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus)
to tailgate / to hit the car in front as a result of tailgating
coccyx / tailbone
lit. rat's tail; fig. a follower of inferior stature
to dock / to trim (esp. the tail of an animal)
(bird species of China) black-tailed gull (Larus crassirostris)
Matsuo (Japanese surname and place name)
to have one's tail between one's legs
to be cocky
(bird species of China) mikado pheasant (Syrmaticus mikado)
appendectomy (medicine)
(bird species of China) black drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus)
(aviation) tailfin / vertical stabilizer
to finish off / to wind up
Gumi city in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea
Puppis (constellation)

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