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country / nation / state / CL: 個|个
king / CL: 個|个
national defense
United States / USA / US
domestic / internal (to a country) / civil
Thailand / Thai
Chinese language (Mandarin), emphasizing its national nature / Chinese as a primary or secondary school subject / Chinese in the context of the Nationalist Government / Guoyu, book of historical narrative c. 10th-5th century BC
abroad / external (affairs) / overseas / foreign
Republic of China
  *國* | 國* | *國
surname Guo
  *國* | 國* | *國
country / nation / state / national / CL: 個|个
elementary school (Tw) / abbr. for 國民小學|国民小学
national / state-run / public
United Kingdom 聯合王國|联合王国 / United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland / abbr. for England 英格蘭|英格兰
South Korea (Republic of Korea) / Han, one of the Seven Hero States of the Warring States 戰國七雄|战国七雄 / Korea from the fall of the Joseon dynasty in 1897
France / French
transnational / multinational
whole nation / nationwide / countrywide / national
junior high school (Tw) / abbr. for 國民中學|国民中学
Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong airline)
Germany / German
domestically produced
foreign (country) / CL: 個|个
each country / every country / various countries
Guomindang or Kuomintang (KMT) / Nationalist Party
Republic of China (1912-1949) / used in Taiwan as the name of the calendar era (e.g. 民國六十年|民国六十年 is 1971, the 60th year after 1911)
nationals / citizens / people of a nation
to go abroad / to leave the country / emigration
exotic / foreign
United Nations
elementary school (Tw)
Frenchman / French person
kingdom / realm
Three Kingdoms period (220-280) in Chinese history / several Three Kingdoms periods in Korean history, esp. from 1st century AD to unification under Silla 新羅|新罗 in 658
empire / imperial
our country / China
state enterprise / (Tw) abbr. for 國際企業管理|国际企业管理, international business management (as a subject of study)
to found a country / nation-building / the foundation of PRC by Mao Zedong in 1949
domestic and international / at home and abroad
Parliament (UK) / Congress (US) / Diet (Japan) / Legislative Yuan (Taiwan)
People's Republic of China
compatriots (literary) / fellow countrymen
Chinese person
History of the Three Kingdoms, fourth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, composed by Chen Shou 陳壽|陈寿 in 289 during Jin Dynasty 晉朝|晋朝, 65 scrolls
China Times (newspaper)
national security (abbr. for 國家安全|国家安全) / national security act / state security agency
Daniel Han Kuo-yu (1957-), Taiwanese KMT politician, mayor of Kaohsiung since 2018
Chiang Ching-kuo (1910-1988), son of Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石, Guomindang politician, president of ROC 1978-1988
national highway
one country, two systems (PRC proposal regarding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)
Hong Kong National Security Law (from 30th June 2020)
country's territory / national land
all nations
international trade
to internationalize / internationalization
the national team
junior high school (Tw) / abbr. to 國中|国中
Defense Department / Ministry of National Defense
Chinese national culture / studies of ancient Chinese civilization / the Imperial College (history)
national holiday
China Construction Bank
international airport
National Day
Kingdom of Heaven
flag (of a country) / CL:
United Arab Emirates (Tw)
country / nation
to go abroad
national security
nationalized / public / government owned / state-owned
State Council (PRC) / State Department (USA)
state visitor / visiting head of state
(sports) member of the national team / national representative / (medicine, chess etc) one of the most highly skilled practitioners in one's country
Chinese character (Hanzi) / the native script used to write a nation's language
a power (i.e. a dominant country)
state religion
Communist Party of China
state-run (company etc) / nationalized
Shikoku (one of the four main islands of Japan)
national treasure
Czech Republic
Bank of China (BoC)
national park
to return to one's home country
another country
the Warring States period (475-221 BC)
the international media
National Taipei University of Technology
one's own country
the international community
both countries / two countries

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