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(of systems, facilities etc) comprehensive / well-developed / excellent / to refine / to improve
to make better / to improve / CL: 個|个
good and honest / kindhearted
to be good at / to be adept at
benevolent / charitable
appropriate / proper
  *善* | 善* | *善
good (virtuous) / benevolent / well-disposed / good at sth / to improve or perfect
to be good at using (sth) / to put (sth) to good use
to deal with the aftermath (arising from an accident) / funeral arrangements / reparations
kindness / benevolence / philanthropy / virtuous intentions
beautiful and good
to do good works / to be merciful
truth, goodness and beauty
to treat well
good karma
to leave the matter at that / to be prepared to let go / to be willing to take things lying down
to be good at understanding others (idiom)
good deeds
meritorious deed / benevolent act
perfect (idiom); perfection / the best of all possible worlds / as good as it gets
fickle / mercurial / changeable / capricious / to be apt to change
Shanhua town in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
bad / ill / not good at / not to be pooh-poohed / quite impressive
wise policy / best policy
melancholy and moody (idiom); depressed personality
goodwill / benevolence / kindness
to guide patiently and systematically (idiom)
to be brave and good at fighting (idiom)
Centrum (brand)
kind brows, pleasant eyes (idiom); amiable looking / benign-faced
the more the better
contributions / donations
good and evil / good versus evil
philanthropist / humanitarian / charity donor
kind and charitable
goodwill ambassador
white lie
fair wind
lay practitioners of Buddhism
glib of tongue (idiom) / eloquent
(Buddhism) good karma
good actions
can sing and dance (idiom); fig. a person of many talents
to cherish wealth
long sleeves help one dance beautifully (idiom); money and power will help you in any occupation
man at birth is fundamentally good in nature / the first two lines of Three Character Classic 三字經|三字经
to uphold virtue and condemn evil (idiom)
virtue has its reward, evil its retribution
old book / good book / reliable book / rare book
good words
to be of service to others / to help others / benevolent
Alxa league, a prefecture-level subdivision of Inner Mongolia
To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools (idiom). Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job
forgetful / amnesia
to improve relations
to have a mean-looking face but a heart of gold (idiom)
Jiashan county in Jiaxing 嘉興|嘉兴, Zhejiang
to choose what is good and hold fast to it (idiom)
charity organization
expert at appointing people according to their abilities (idiom) / to put the right people in the right places
To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools (idiom). Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job
where there's a start, there's a finish (idiom); to finish once one starts sth / to carry things through / I started, so I'll finish.
kindhearted / good-natured
philanthropist / charitable person / well-doer
virtue has its rewards (idiom); one good turn deserves another
sensitive / emotional
the ideal is to be like water (which benefits all living things and does not struggle against them) (quotation from the "Book of Dao" 道德經|道德经)
to praise the virtue of sb or sth while concealing their faults
Yongshan county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan
Shanhua town in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
eloquent / good at arguing
Piqan county or Pichan nahiyisi in Turpan prefecture 吐魯番地區|吐鲁番地区, Xinjiang
to improve communications
doing good deeds brings the greatest joy (idiom)
He who comes is surely ill-intentioned, no-one well-meaning will come (idiom). / Be careful not to trust foreigners. / Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
the finest place in the nation (often used in reference to the capital city) / also written 首善之地
to be good at
Jiashan county in Jiaxing 嘉興|嘉兴, Zhejiang
to renounce evil and turn to virtue (idiom)
a raffle (for charity)
to cooperate in a charity project
to encourage virtue and punish evil (idiom); fig. poetic justice / you get what's coming to you
Yongshan county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan
to attain perfection (idiom)
resourceful and decisive / resolute and sagacious
turn away from evil and follow virtue
articulate / eloquent
optimal / the best
to choose the right course and follow it (idiom)

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