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lip / CL:
  *唇* | 唇* | *唇
lip balm / lipstick
chapstick / lip balm
  *脣* | 脣* | *脣
variant of
lit. lips and teeth (idiom); fig. close partners / interdependent
lip gloss
fight a battle of words / cross verbal swords
epipharynx (entomology) / inner part of the lip
lip gloss
argument / words / lips and tongue
lips-mark / hickey
lit. without the lips, the teeth feel the cold (idiom); fig. intimately interdependent
lit. as close as lips and teeth (idiom); closely related / interdependent
hare lip (birth defect)
cleft lip and palate
corner of the mouth / labial angle
war of words
bitten-lips look (darker lipstick applied on the inner part of the lips, and lighter on the outer part)
to argue needlessly / to waste time explaining
lower lip
Cervus albirostris (white-lipped deer)
lit. a donkey's lips do not match a horse's mouth (idiom) / fig. beside the point / incongruous
to moisten one's lips / to sip (wine, tea etc) / esp. used with negatives: never touch a drop of the stuff
labial consonant
labiodental (e.g. the consonant f in standard Chinese)
to whistle down the wind / to waste one's breath (idiom)
bilabial consonant (b, p, or m)
argot / codeword
to lip-read / lipreading
lit.camel's lip, horse's mouth (idiom) / fig. to chatter / nonsense / blather
to pass on stories (idiom); to sow dissension / to blab / to tell tales
upper lip / (entomology) labrum
to answer back sarcastically (idiom) / to retort
blabbing and showing off (idiom); loud-mouthed trouble maker
Labiatae, the taxonomic family including lavender, mint
nasolabial fold / smile lines / laugh lines
white teeth and vermilion lips (idiom); lovely young woman

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