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unlimited / unbounded
bored / boring / senseless
incorporeal / virtual / formless / invisible (assets) / intangible
(literary) isn't it that...?
  *无* | 无* | *无
not to have / no / none / not / to lack / un- / -less
no matter what or how / regardless of whether...
not in the least / to completely lack
unable / incapable
to no avail / of no use
unaffiliated / non-party
incomparable / matchless
endless / boundless / infinite
all the time / incessantly
none lacking / none missing / everything is there / everyone without exception
uncontroversial / accepted
incoherent speech / to talk without rhyme or reason (idiom)
out of stock / product unavailable
to have no opportunity / no way (of doing sth) / no chance / no connection / not placed (in a competition) / (in pop lyrics) no chance of love, no place to be together etc
bottomless pit
incomparable / matchless / unique
safe and sound (idiom)
wireless network
to work to no avail (idiom)
temperamental / moody
unequalled / without rival / a paragon
innocent playmates
unrelated / having nothing to do (with sth else)
Wuxi prefecture level city in Jiangsu
endlessly / to have no choice
achieving nothing
selfless / impartial
to blab / to shoot one's mouth off / to commit a gaffe
without reservation / not holding anything back / unconditional
invaluable / priceless
helpless / without choice / for lack of better option / grudgingly / willy-nilly / nolens volens / abbr. for 無可奈何|无可奈何
no way out / nowhere to go / trapped beyond hope of rescue / painted into a corner
Nanchang district of Wuxi city 無錫市|无锡市, Jiangsu
unlicensed / unlabeled (goods)
to no avail / achieving nothing / totally ineffective / to have no effect / to fall flat (esp. of joke or speech that is completely ignored)
stupid and ignorant (idiom)
inert / lifeless
unmanned / uninhabited
Wuxi county in Jiangsu
indistinct / faintly discernable
to be unable to find a place to stay (idiom)
expressionless / wooden (expression) / blank (face)
to remain silent / to have nothing to say / (coll.) speechless / dumbfounded
there is no alternative
known to everybody
extremely (pleased, grateful etc)
time is limited (idiom)
not be without some advantage / be of some help
infinitesimal / infinitely small
Jiangyin county level city in Wuxi 無錫|无锡, Jiangsu
to extend all over the globe (idiom) / far-reaching
drone / unmanned aerial vehicle
totally unaffected / unimpressed
not to hold anything back (idiom) / (of close friends etc) to tell each other everything
Beitang district of Wuxi city 無錫市|无锡市, Jiangsu
unable to reply (idiom); left speechless / at a loss for words
gone forever (idiom)
constantly increasing without limit (idiom); rapid progress in all directions
seamless connection
Stephen Chow (1962-), Hong Kong actor, comedian, screenwriter and film director, known for his mo lei tau 無厘頭|无厘头 movies
endless / inexhaustible
limitless / unrestricted
at leisure / idle / to have nothing to do
not a single grain was reaped (as in a bad harvest year)
azoospermia (medicine)
innocent / guileless / not guilty (of crime)
unlimited (time) duration
Beitang district of Wuxi city 無錫市|无锡市, Jiangsu
noiseless / noiselessly / silent
bold but not very astute (idiom)
not valid / ineffective / in vain
extremely ugly / incomparably hideous
nothing he can't do
inorganic (chemistry)
unique and unmatched (idiom); unrivalled / nothing compares with it
to be unsalaried / to be unfortunate / death
Yixing county level city in Wuxi 無錫|无锡, Jiangsu
Chong'an district of Wuxi city 無錫市|无锡市, Jiangsu
to be more scared than hurt (idiom) / to get through a daunting experience without mishap
to pay no heed to the regulations
unintentionally / not in the mood to
paperless office
Lake Tai near Wuxi City 無錫|无锡, bordering on Jiangsu and Zhejiang, one of China's largest freshwater lakes
all businessmen are evil (idiom)

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