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perpendicular / vertical
  *垂* | 垂* | *垂
to hang (down) / droop / dangle / bend down / hand down / bequeath / nearly / almost / to approach
(math.) perpendicular line / vertical line
Coventry city in West Midlands 西米德蘭茲|西米德兰兹, UK
weeping willow (Salix babylonica)
to droop / to sag / to hang down / sagging / drooping / prolapse (medicine)
to hang down
vertical line
eternal glory / will never be forgotten
hanging one's head dispiritedly (idiom); dejected / crestfallen
close to death / life-threatening (illness)
to drool with desire (idiom); to envy / to hunger for
to water at the mouth / to drool
vertical shaft / (math.) vertical axis
pituitary gland
deathbed struggle / final struggle (idiom)
weeping willow
to shed tears
drape effect (fashion)
lit. to govern from behind the curtain / to rule in place of the emperor (idiom)
approaching old age
to hang down / suspended
lit. reputation will go down in history (idiom); fig. achievements will earn eternal glory
to fail within sight of success (idiom); last-minute failure / to fall at the last hurdle / snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
gradually / to drop
to show appreciation for sb / to look upon sb with favor
pituitary glands (at the base of the skull)
Maastricht (Netherlands)
uvula (biology)
darkness fell (falls, had fallen etc)
old age
(courteous) to be so kind as to think of (me)
lit. don't sit under the eaves (where tiles may fall from the roof) (idiom); fig. keep out of danger
  *埀* | 埀* | *埀
old variant of
to droop / to hang low
Coventry (UK)
pituitary gland
(aviation) tailfin / vertical stabilizer
vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
to shed tears
lit. a wealthy person does not sit under the eaves (idiom); fig. a rich man does not expose himself to danger
beautiful shoulder length hair (idiom)
falling hair of a child / (fig.) child
(bird species of China) red-wattled lapwing (Vanellus indicus)
pituitary gland
Eritrea (Tw)
hanging participle (error of grammar in English)
to drool (over) (idiom) / to yearn for / to covet / to crave
mother-to-infant transmission
vertical or short takeoff and landing aircraft
lit. dirty finger, mouth watering (idiom); fig. greedy to seize sth
(of clothes, hair etc) to hang down and cover / to flow down

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