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  *反* | 反* | *反
contrary / in reverse / inside out or upside down / to reverse / to return / to oppose / opposite / against / anti- / to rebel / to use analogy / instead / abbr. for 反切 phonetic system
everything / every / all
to switch over / to switch modes or data streams / to cut (to a new scene)
  *切* | 切* | *切
to cut / to slice / tangent (math)
  *切* | 切* | *切
definitely / absolutely (not) / (scoffing or dismissive interjection) Yeah, right. / Tut! / to grind / close to / eager / to correspond to / see also 反切
feasible / realistic / practical / earnestly / conscientiously
close / familiar / intimate / closely (related) / to foster close ties / to pay close attention
to shear / shearing (force) / (computing) to cut (as in "cut-and-paste")
amiable / cordial / close and dear / familiar
to cut
by no means
definite / exact / precise
urgent / pressing
remember at all costs
closely related
tangent line (geometry)
to cut up (into pieces) / to slice / to carve / to dice / to shred
to excise / to cut out (a tumor)
to compare notes / to learn from one another / to swap pointers
reckless / regardless of everything
deeply felt / heartfelt / sincere / honest
to avoid as taboo / to avoid by all means
to slice / slice / thin section of a specimen (for microscopic examination)
to cut off / to sever
close-fitting / closest (translation)
to be deeply concerned / to be troubled (by)
incision / notch / slit / gash / margin of a page / trimmed edge (of a page in a book)
slang / argot / private language used as secret code
direct / concerning oneself / personal
to cut into pieces
urgently / eagerly / worried / (urge sb to) be sure to / it is absolutely essential to (follow the above instruction)
eager / impatient / guileless
close relationship / intimately related
you must not / Please don't... / be sure not to / on no account (do it)
unrealistic / impractical
to crop / to trim
(math.) tangent (trigonometric function)
to cut / cutting / machining
lit. to cut all at one stroke (idiom); to impose uniformity / one solution fits a diversity of problems / one size fits all
ardent / eager / earnest
to fit in with / to suit / appropriate
to chop
contact (math.)
to cut across / a horizontal cut
gnashing one's teeth (idiom); displaying extreme anger / fuming with rage between gritted teeth
shear / shearing force
earnest / sincere
practical / corresponding to reality / geared to practical situations
to grate / to shred (vegetable)
to pay close attention (to sth)
to cut into cubes / to dice (vegetable)
cutter / knife
all risks (insurance)
Thatcher (name) / Baroness Thatcher or Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), British conservative politician, prime minister 1979-1990
(TCM) the four methods of diagnosis, namely 望診|望诊 (observation), 聞診|闻诊 (auscultation and olfaction), 問診|问诊 (interrogation), 切診|切诊 (pulse feeling and palpation)
stage props
the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around (idiom); arrogant / condescending / supercilious
Cantonese poached chicken, known as "white cut chicken"
shear (physics)
to keep to the subject
harakiri (formal Japanese: seppuku), a samurai's suicide by disemboweling
Mrs Thatcher / Baroness Thatcher or Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), British conservative politician, prime minister 1979-1990
to indicate the phonetic value of a word using other words
to gnash one's teeth (in anger)
essential / extremely important
cotangent (of angle), written cot θ or ctg θ
everything in its place and ready (idiom)
serious concern
apt / appropriate
appendectomy (medicine)
keenly felt pain / bitter anguish
traditional system expressing the phonetic value of a Chinese character using two other characters, the first for the initial consonant, the second for the rhyme and tone
Cheney (name) / Richard B. "Dick" Cheney (1941-), US Republican politician, vice-president 2001-2008
to feel sb's pulse
tangent direction
tracheotomy (medicine)
Manchester / also written 曼徹斯特|曼彻斯特
incisor tooth
Winchester (town in south England, capital of former kingdom of Wessex)
to look down upon everything
to watch closely
impractical / not conforming to reality
(TCM) pulse feeling and palpitation, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊
chord angle (i.e. angle a chord of a curve makes to the tangent)
slide examination / microscopic examination of thin section of specimen as part of biopsy
to put money above everything else
inside cut (golf) / (math.) inscribed sphere / insphere
to relate closely / closely related
Cheddar (cheese)

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