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  *穆* | 穆* | *穆
solemn / reverent / calm / burial position in an ancestral tomb (old) / old variant of
  *墓* | 墓* | *墓
grave / tomb / mausoleum
Qingming or Pure Brightness, 5th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 5th-19th April / Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day (in early April)
  *陵* | 陵* | *陵
mound / tomb / hill / mountain
Qingming or Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, celebration for the dead (in early April)
to rob a tomb
old tomb (archaeology)
grave / tomb
pine and cypress / fig. chaste and undefiled / fig. tomb
  *墳* | 墳* | *墳
grave / tomb / CL: / embankment / mound / ancient book
tomb (of king or emperor)
underground palace (as part of imperial tomb)
tomb / mausoleum
ancestral tomb
guardian lion, a lion statue traditionally placed at the entrance of Chinese imperial palaces, imperial tombs, temples etc
(archeology) grave / tomb
Eastern tombs / Dongling district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
Mt Li near Xi'an with the tomb of the First Emperor
Purple Mountain in suburbs of Nanjing, with Ming tombs and Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum
tomb / grave
marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)
  *壙* | 壙* | *壙
Tomb Raider (computer game)
the Ming tombs (mausoleum park of the Ming emperors in Changping district of Beijing)
path leading to a grave / tomb passage / aisle leading to the coffin chamber of an ancient tomb
Mt Mang at Luoyang in Henan, with many Han, Wei and Jin dynasty royal tombs
  *穸* | 穸* | *穸
  *堎* | 堎* | *堎
mound / tomb
grave / tomb / graveyard / cemetery / fig. one's native place (where one's ancestors are buried)
tomb (feng shui term)
  *坆* | 坆* | *坆
variant of 墳|坟 / grave / tomb
  *邙* | 邙* | *邙
Mt Mang at Luoyang in Henan, with many Han, Wei and Jin dynasty royal tombs
to visit / to pay one's respects to (a revered figure etc) / to pay homage (at a tomb etc)
to heap earth (to close a tomb) / a mound (covering a tomb)
inscribed stone tablet placed in the tomb / memorial inscription on such a tablet
occupant of tomb / person buried
the tomb of the First Emperor at Mt Li 驪山|骊山 near Xi'an (awaits excavation)
Jie Zhitui (7th century BC), legendary selfless subject of Duke Wen of Jin 晉文公|晋文公, in whose honor the Qingming festival 清明 (Pure brightness or tomb-sweeping festival) is said to have been initiated
hill cemetery / graveyard / grave / grave mound / low wall at the back of a traditional tomb
the tomb of the first emperor at Mt Li 驪山|骊山 near Xi'an (awaits excavation)
Mt Yuelu in Changsha 長沙|长沙, famous for scenery, temples and tombs
old tomb
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Zunhua County in Tangshan 唐山, Hebei, with the Eastern Qing tombs / Zunhua county level city
memorial hall and tomb
to remove graves / tomb removal
tomb pit
a tomb
Mt Mang at Luoyang in Henan, with many Han, Wei and Jin dynasty royal tombs
to bury (in a tomb)
a form of Yuefu 樂府|乐府 mourning song or elegy / lit. to visit a tomb on Mt Mang
Chidori ga fuchi, national war cemetery in Tokyo / also called Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
the tomb of Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo or Songzain Gambo in Lhoka prefecture
Ming tombs in Nanjing, tomb of founding Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋, a World Heritage site
layer filled with rammed earth in a tomb pit (archeology)
Fiery Emperor's tomb in Yanling county, Zhuzhou 株洲, Hunan
tomb of the unknown soldier
several tombs of legendary Emperor Shun, one in Ningyuan county 寧遠縣|宁远县 in southwest Hunan, another Yuncheng prefecture 運城|运城 Shanxi

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