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  *著* | 著* | *著
to wear (clothes) / to contact / to use / to apply
  *穿* | 穿* | *穿
to wear / to put on / to dress / to bore through / to pierce / to perforate / to penetrate / to pass through / to thread
  *累* | 累* | *累
tired / weary / to strain / to wear out / to work hard
  *帶* | 帶* | *帶
band / belt / girdle / ribbon / tire / area / zone / region / CL: 條|条 / to wear / to carry / to take along / to bear (i.e. to have) / to lead / to bring / to look after / to raise
  *戴* | 戴* | *戴
to put on or wear (glasses, hat, gloves etc) / to respect / to bear / to support
  *靠* | 靠* | *靠
to lean against or on / to stand by the side of / to come near to / to depend on / to trust / to fuck (vulgar) / traditional military costume drama where the performers wear armor (old)
to subdue / to check / to bring under control / (in former times) what one is allowed to wear depending on social status / uniform (army, party, school etc) / livery (for company employees) / CL:
  *蹬* | 蹬* | *蹬
to step on / to tread on / to wear (shoes) / (slang) to dump (sb) / Taiwan pr. [deng4]
to break in / to wear in
  *衣* | 衣* | *衣
to dress / to wear / to put on (clothes)
  *佩* | 佩* | *佩
to respect / to wear (belt etc)
  *圍* | 圍* | *圍
to encircle / to surround / all around / to wear by wrapping around (scarf, shawl)
to wear mourning garb / to be in mourning
to wear (as accessories)
to cover one's face; to wear a mask / brazen; shameless
to suffer wear and tear; to deteriorate through use; to wear out
to wear clothes / clothing
  *摜* | 摜* | *摜
to fling / to fall / to wear
to wear the same outfit as sb else (in public)
to wear (as accessories) / carry at the waist
to wear mourning clothes / to be in mourning / also written 披麻帶孝|披麻带孝
to pull a long face / to wear a mournful expression
to wear a hat / (fig.) to stigmatize / to be branded as
(of a high-ranking official) to wear plain clothes in order to go about incognito
to corrode; to erode; to wear away (lit. and fig.)
to wear (one's shoes) like babouche slippers / (onom.) shuffling sound
lit. to wear out one's iron shoes (idiom) / fig. to search high and low
lit. to make sb wear tight shoes (idiom) / to make life difficult for sb
wear and tear / to wear away over time
  *服* | 服* | *服
clothes / dress / garment / to serve (in the military, a prison sentence etc) / to obey / to be convinced (by an argument) / to convince / to admire / to acclimatize / to take (medicine) / mourning clothes / to wear mourning clothes
  *磨* | 磨* | *磨
to rub / to grind / to polish / to sharpen / to wear down / to die out / to waste time / to pester / to insist
to wear down / to sap / to whittle away / to while away / to idle away
to wear inside out (clothes)
to wear out the skin of one's teeth (idiom); pointlessly blather / to talk incessant nonsense / blah blah
to rub one's head and heels (idiom); to slave for the benefit of others / to wear oneself out for the general good
to be glib in one's speech and wear an ingratiating expression (idiom)
to wear mourning clothes / to be in mourning / also written 披麻戴孝
(of writing etc) indistinct (due to water damage or wear)
  *靸* | 靸* | *靸
children's shoe (old) / to wear one's shoes babouche style
to wear
lit. to wear one's coat inside out and carry firewood on one's back (idiom) / fig. to live a life of poverty and hard work / fig. to act stupidly
to wear shoes
to wear out (clothes) / to pierce (a membrane etc)
to put on a suit of armor / to put on dress / to wear
lit. the barefooted people are not afraid of those who wear shoes (idiom) / fig. the poor, who have nothing to lose, do not fear those in power
to wear a condom
to wear colored glasses / to have a prejudiced viewpoint
to wear a watch / homophone for 代表 used to avoid Internet censorship in the PRC
to corrode; to erode; to wear away (lit. and fig.)
to wear out (tools)
to wear out one's lips (idiom) / to talk until one is blue in the face / to repeat again and again
to wear out the doorstep (idiom) / to crowd at sb's door
to wear (a garment)
to put on / to wear (mouthguard, contact lenses, hearing aid etc)
to wear (on one's face)
to look (tired, pleased etc) / to wear (a smile, a puzzled expression etc)

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