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stainless steel
steel pipe / pole (in pole dancing)
steel plate
to have the heart to do sth / to steel oneself to a task
  *軋* | 軋* | *軋
to roll (steel)
armored horse / cavalry / metal chimes hanging from eaves / steel barricade / (Tw) bike
steel reinforcing bar
steel wire / tightrope
steel ball / bearing ball
  *鋼* | 鋼* | *鋼
man of steel / unyielding, tough guy
  *鏤* | 鏤* | *鏤
to engrave / to carve / hard steel
lit. disappointed that iron does not turn into steel (idiom) / fig. frustrated with sb who has failed to meet one's expectations
steel knife / sword
  *錕* | 錕* | *錕
steel sword
steel cable / wire cable / steel hawser
iron and steel works / steelworks
  *鑌* | 鑌* | *鑌
fine steel
  *焠* | 焠* | *焠
to temper (as steel)
Baosteel, Chinese steel maker formed in a 1998 merger, then merged to form Baowu 寶武鋼鐵|宝武钢铁 in 2016
tinplate / tin (tin-coated steel)
to make steel / steelmaking
scrap metal / steel scrap
hawser / steel rope
steel groove / V-shaped steel bar
made of steel / steel (bar, screw, product etc)
iron club / steel rod
steel industry
billet (steel industry)
steel rail
steel mill
steel bar
to roll steel (into sheets or bars)
steel rolling mill
steel staff / steel stick
a steel rolling mill
rolling steel
the fiery spray of molten steel
jigsaw (saw with steel wire blade)
a steel rolling mill
ferrocerium rod / fire steel
steel (as raw material) / steel sheets, bars, tubes, ingots, wire etc
Panzhihua, prefecture-level city in south Sichuan, bordering Yunnan, famous for steel production and pollution
lit. not an inch of steel (idiom); unarmed and defenseless
to temper oneself / to steel oneself / self-discipline / endurance
steel beam / girder
a steel drill
to steel oneself / to harden one's heart
Baowu, the world's largest steel maker, resulting from the merger of Baosteel 寶鋼集團|宝钢集团 and Wuhan Iron and Steel 武漢鋼鐵|武汉钢铁 in 2016
stainless steel
Carnegie (name) / Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), Scots American steel millionaire and philanthropist
Wuhan Iron and Steel
to be tempered into a steel
high-grade well-tempered steel
steel rails
high speed steel
steel set square (tool to measure right angles)
Beijing Steel and Iron Institute (the former name of 北京科技大學|北京科技大学, University of Science and Technology Beijing)

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