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young man / young guy / lad / youngster / CL: 個|个
household dish, implement or furniture / domestic animal / (coll.) guy / chap / weapon
(coll.) boy / (derog.) joker / guy / (despicable) fellow
handsome guy / lady-killer / handsome (form of address)
young guy / lad / youngster / CL: 個|个
stand-in / substitute / body double / stuntman / scapegoat / fall guy / to stand in for sb else
man of steel / unyielding, tough guy
frog; CL:隻|只 / (old) (slang) ugly guy
to issue a card / (slang) to reject a guy or a girl / to chuck
hero / fighter / brave strong guy / warrior (in armor)
Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893), French novelist and short story writer
winner / lucky guy / person who always gets good breaks
to float about / to flutter (in the breeze) / (dialect) gay guy / (Tw) ghost
galley proof (printing) / unimpressive / (coll.) little guy (mild insult also used as an affectionate term)
spare tire / (slang) fallback guy (or girl)
schoolboy / male student / boy / guy (young adult male)
good guy (in a story) / hero
scapegoat / fall guy
hoodlum / bad guy
(slang) rich, good-looking guy
negative character / bad guy (in a story)
topless guy (man who, in a public place, is not wearing a shirt)
common person / ordinary guy / mortal man
(slang) gay guy
(coll.) person who makes people laugh; funny guy
young, unmarried male; young guy
Effendi, wily and fearless hero of Uighur folk tales / smart guy
gay guy
bad guy (in a story) / villain
a guy who stays at home all the time, typically spending a lot of time playing online games (derived from Japanese "otaku")
gay guy (coll.)
central air conditioning / (fig.) (neologism) ladies' man (contrasted with 暖男, a guy who is attentive to his partner rather than to all and sundry)
ugly guy with a pretty girlfriend (slang)
northerner / guy from the north / Yankee
fashionable and good-looking guy (slang)
bad guy / scoundrel / dirty bastard
very masculine guy / a real man / (used ironically) a grown man
(neologism c. 2020) an ordinary guy who imagines he is God's gift to womankind
person in power / the one with authority / the guy in charge
women love bad guys
(dialect) boy / guy
(slang) to reject sb (by labeling them a "nice guy")
straight guy
(slang) a guy who is like a prawn: yummy body, but not so appealing above the neck
(slang) (of women) to hunt for rich, attractive guys
(Internet slang) guy who grew up in the countryside and gained a foothold in the city through hard work

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