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  *敢* | 敢* | *敢
to dare / daring / (polite) may I venture
to dare to / to be brave enough to
can't afford to offend / dare not provoke / difficult to deal with / insufferable
to have the courage to do sth / to dare to / bold in
to dare (negative connotation) / to have the audacity to (do sth)
The Moment of Truth (TV show) / Truth or Dare (game)
how could one dare? / I don't deserve such praise
to dare to do
lit. I dare not (accept the honor); fig. I don't deserve your praise / you flatter me
great heat / very popular
to dare to be first / to pioneer (idiom)
to stop at nothing (idiom) / to dare to do anything
to not dare to disobey an order (idiom)
lit. I'm ashamed and dare not (accept the honor); fig. I do not deserve your praise. / You flatter me too much.
dare not go one step beyond the prescribed limit
thousands of horses, all mute (idiom); no-one dares to speak out / an atmosphere of political oppression
official who dares speak frankly before the emperor
lit. burn your hand, feel the heat (idiom) / fig. arrogance of the powerful / a mighty figure no-one dares approach / hot (exciting or in favor)
lit. not dare to pull oneself up high (humble term) / I cannot presume on your attention
one who does not fear the death of thousand cuts will dare to unhorse the emperor (proverb) / to a fearless person, no fence is high enough
to have what it takes / (coll.) (often followed by ) (used to challenge sb) if you're so clever, ..., if she's so tough, ... etc / Example: 有本事就打我 Hit me if you dare!
How dare you! / This is an outrage! / Absolutely disgraceful!

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