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  *擦* | 擦* | *擦
to rub; to scratch / to towel; to wipe with a towel / to apply (lipstick, lotion etc) / to touch; to brush (past) / to shred (vegetables etc)
Zilin, Chinese character dictionary with 12,824 entries from ca. 400 AD
alkaline earth (i.e. beryllium Be 鈹|铍, magnesium Mg 鎂|镁, calcium Ca 鈣|钙, strontium Sr 鍶|锶, barium Ba 鋇|钡 and radium Ra 鐳|镭)
"shikumen" style architecture: traditional (ca. 19th century) residences with courtyards, once common in Shanghai
Ca Mau, Vietnam
nephrite / Ca(Mg,Fe)3(SiO3)4
many superficial changes but no departure from the original stand (idiom); plus ça change, plus ça reste la mème chose
  *嚓* | 嚓* | *嚓
(onom.) scraping sound / ripping of fabric / screeching of tires
calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 / slaked lime
Holbrook (name) / Richard C.A. Holbrooke (1941-2010), US diplomat, influential in brokering 1995 Dayton Bosnian peace deal, US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan from 2009
calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 / slaked lime
  *礤* | 礤* | *礤
shredder / grater (kitchen implement for grating vegetables) / grindstone
Cyrus the Great (ca. 600-530 BC), the founder of the Persian Empire and the conqueror of Babylon
calcium bicarbonate Ca(HCO3)2

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